do brand owners use their brands?

I recently spotted Shahnaz Husain in the newspaper, for the marriage ceremony of  Bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. It got me thinking, she became such a DIVA of cosmetics industry, why doesn’t her pics look so appealing?

salt, tata

I mean, seriously, If TATAs make the TATA salt, is it necessary they won’t use anything but TATA salt at home? If Reliance has petrol pumps, do the chauffeurs of Reliance owners  go to  Reliance petrol pumps only??

What I am intend to say is, the brand people put out for the public – to buy and use – do the brand owners use it themselves?

For example, (a funny one) do the manufacturers of Wheel washing powder use Wheel washing powder at home? Because clearly Ariel or Surf Excel is kinda more famous! Do Pril owners have Pril at their home?

And I don’t question this because I am confused about brands or which to use. I just got inquisitive after seeing Shahnaz Hussain, if she uses her own herbal products or the more famous brands are flown for her from NYC or London?


Personally saying, it’ll be easier for them to use their own brands na, they can avail them so easily. But I don’t know if they do! Hmmmm…


Oh I have a better question, do the brand ambassadors use the brand they endorse? 😉

I mean apart from the free sample or whatever they might get! 😀


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25 thoughts on “do brand owners use their brands?

  1. I dont think they do…its kinda simple…
    I mean can one seriously think that..? no! Its just to fool us common people and them to get some money for “better” products….No actress uses “lux” for sure…(I mean, Aish and Kat? Common!)

  2. I don’t think they ever try those products themselves. But if they would, it might save them quite a bit 😛
    Though, they do push weak hearted into buying Slice by putting up Katrina 😦

    • Lol…Seriously, Katrina and Slice was the only thing you think of 😉 Okay, for a moment I might agree she drinks Slice once in while, but she definitely doesn’t have bath with LUX 😀

      • But on a serious note, I believe it is a profession. So what they do on screen does not necessarily have to reflect their belief. It should but it does not have to. Like a police man does not need to be secular to perform his duties. His actions are governed by the rules and regulations. But that is the serious side of argument, which I do not want to put up. I am happy with Katrina and the mango 🙂

  3. Yeah we are on a same boat…i always think this all as a rattrap to capture us. First they get on to prove that sun is harmful as UV rays do much harm to us. Then they get us handful of sunscreens and all other funny shit! that blocks sun rays getting to us (That actually impairs Vitamin D production in our body) and then get nourishment drinks nurtured with vitamin D…LOL

  4. Good question, but I’d say I doubt it. Maybe in public if they think about it, but still, even then… I don’t believe they actually think we make any connection. If they get paid to advertise it, then they should really use it… LOL

    • That’s true, right? I mean we buy so many products based on how it is portrayed in advertisements by “famous people”. And to think of it, that utmost faith in reliability of a product comes with well known faces only.

      But majority of the times, I don’t think brand ambassadors use their brands. Only if these ambassadors realize their responsibility.

  5. Does SRK use Fair & Handsome? Yikes!!….. lol
    and I clearly won’t recommend anyone to use whatever Shahnaaz Husain uses herself…….. who really wants to look made-up like her?? (No offence to her…. but her choice of make-up/styling is not very appealing)

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