When I stumbled upon an absurd blog.

Generally when I have time on my hand, I pick a recent viewer of my blog, read his or her blog, then pick a viewer of his or her blog and then read his or her blog. And the chain reaction continues.

At times I am in the mood of poetry or intense stuff so I don’t visit blogs after 3 or 4 links (one to another and another from that and then another from that). But when I am sort of jolly or have got time to cut, I hunt for weird tags and see what people post using those tags.

Till I few days back, I thought the blogs with teenagers posting what they’re wearing to school today were funny. Well…. funny because I start thinking of my teenage days and wondered if I was so conscious about my dressing or if I did bother to announce of internet what I am wearing everyday. C’mon I am no Sarah Jessica Parker who makes a fashion statement with every attire and nor am I Heidi Klum type that people would be interested to know what I wear.

So I used to find such blogs funny. Not because I doubt they’re enthusiasm or confidence. But because I know what is it like to be in that age.

Then I came across a blog and I had the following series of reactions –


The blog featured a gentleman’s poop pattern.

Everyday he clicked a photo of his excreta and blogged about it. Everyday he would be shitting and praying let today be a pretty poop day.

Initially I was disgusted. Genuinely because I see such shit (literally too) on the streets in India. Then I was shocked – how can someone be so desperate to start a blog that he just started posting the most absurd thing! Then came a disbelief that no maybe this man is disturbed. Or is craving for attention. But then it occurred. Day after day with no likes and mostly no followers or regular readers, this man is continuing with his daily post. The act was repulsive.

I was amazed how he got this brilliant idea of posting his daily essential activity and letting the world know about it. Then I wondered, has he no common sense? No inner voice telling him – Dude have you taken a look at your blog?

potty genius

I wondered from when he was, where he lived, laughed about his daily routine and finally decided to mock it.

I am sorry mister, even if you ever stumble across my blog and read this post about you, I am not going to apologize for a single word I wrote here. You really should have a look at your blog – maybe from an outsider point of view.

Yes, a lot of us have great ideas while sitting on the potty seat, but really taking pictures and posting it? Have you really lost it?

Anyways, this brings me to the end of it. I really can’t give more attention of words to this potty genius. I hope you readers never stumble across his blog, and if you do, please guide him to this post.


31 thoughts on “When I stumbled upon an absurd blog.

  1. Is it really that strange? Considering the upper and lower bounds of what is posted, in terms of normality, I don’t think taking photos of your daily paper work is that odd.
    Comedians make jokes about it (Blue Collar Comdey Tour).
    There is one blog some where a woman took an internal photo of her vagina every single day. Every single day, regardless of what activities she had been up to or what had been going on.
    Have you seen the blogs that feature on the gore sites?
    And we are still not scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    The single best blog I’ve ever seen was “waytosuckthatdick”, which was sadly taken down for copyright infringements. It basically posted the best(worst) of porn. From the horrific, to the amusingly confusing, I was always left wondering who gets off on that stuff and why did any one bother to record it?

  2. hahahahaaaaaaa! REALLY?! wow! i can just imagine stumbling upon a blog full of shit :-D! but if he has no followers or likes and he’s still doing it, maybe he really really wants to do it. i admire that side of him. *i know! i am weird!* 🙂

  3. Very interesting. Not sure if it’s a custom there or not, but here in the US people always ask, “how are you?”. This originated in the days of the plague in Europe, I guess, and it was to inquire if a person had a bowel movement that indicated their state of health. So, when someone asks me this, I usually respond with something like, “I’m hopeful, but I could use more fiber in my diet”. I figure, since they asked and seemed to want to know so bad, I’d tell them the answer to the question they are actually asking me. All I can say is, just when I think I’m pretty weird, there’s always someone out there than will out do me. I hope I don’t ‘stumble’ on to his blog or I might have to throw away my shoes 🙂

  4. One of my friends is somewhat obsessed with poop.You know the kind with poop jokes,smileys and everything well poop-ey.I don’t think even he’s THIS insane.Or is he?Please God let it NOT be him.Sigh!

  5. There used to be a series on TV called, “The Gong Show.” One woman’s act was to say something to the effect that, ‘people said I’d never be allowed on TV. Here’s what I have to say to them. Bleeeeh. To my friends who said I wouldn’t make it past the intervies. Bleeeh.’ (She gave them the raspberry). It was hilarious. Why? Because she had no talent, just the moxie to get up in front of an audience and say to the world what every one of us wanted to say to people at some time in our lives.. Then there were the people who were like the potty guy–just plain disgusting. I look at the internet as the virtual Gong Show. It gives us a chance to reach out to an audience. Some make it, some don’t. And others get their chance to experience Andy’s 15 minutes of fame.

  6. There’s a lot of scary s*$* out there–no pun intended. Amazes me the depths of despair, etc. that I see–and yet so many beautiful writers/feelings also.

  7. What was he writing about the poop? Like, “hm… I ate beets yesterday…”

    I was trying to find a good pun to add, but I guess I’m just “pooped out”.

    No? Haha.

  8. I suppose I should respond from a medical point of view. I worked as an RN for 40+ years. I’ve seen my fair share. Like Vishnu suggested, he might be smart enough to do it so someone can diagnose a medical problem. There’s a lot you can tell from the daily doo-doo. Or he might be trying to be creative and artistic like that guy that painted in his own blood. I did not visit the site, nor will I, but maybe he sees sculptures in his towers of brown, like the rest of us see shapes in fluffy white clouds.
    I do agree with everyone else–yuck! gross!
    Another point–it has caused quite a stir and brought out everyone’s creative writing skills with trying to come up with quirky names for his human excrement.
    Ugh, what a thought before bedtime!

  9. In an art gallery this could be considered a high art form (Performance Art/Un-installation?) and who’s to say? But in a blog! I summarize that you used the term ‘gentleman’ rather loosely 😉

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