Need your help fellow bloggers!

Hello my fellow bloggers!

I recently attempted to write a blog on growing safety concerns for women in India. It was part of a competition and although the deadline was just in 12 hours, I thought of challenging myself. I wrote a piece, but you all are the real judges.

I would be obliged if you click on the link, like it and leave a comment on how you like (or dislike) it.

🙂 It’s important to me, so please visit the like and LIKE it.

Thanks a lot..!!

God Bless.

4 thoughts on “Need your help fellow bloggers!

  1. … i have no facebook account for many reasons, but I was able to read your words. Dreadful situation over there. At least, now there’s a growing awareness. Your words will contribute to a better world !!! Extremely sorry to hear what happened to you. Scars of personal attack, fear and injury only heal slowly. Be strong and don’t give your attacker the satisfaction of having destroyed some part of you!

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