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I recently attempted to write a blog on growing safety concerns for women in India. It was part of a competition and although the deadline was just in 12 hours, I thought of challenging myself. I wrote a piece, but you all are the real judges.

I would be obliged if you click on the link, like it and leave a comment on how you like (or dislike) it.

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Month of March : “In Print”

Month of March

Week 1

Cover Page :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Cover Story :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Week 2

Cover Page :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Cover Story :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Week 3

Cover Page :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Cover Story :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Week 4

Cover Page :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Cover Story :

Sakshi Vashist, Gulf Times

Overwhelming joy of seeing my name IN PRINT.



As the release date of a new book by Rashmi Bansal approaches, I am truly inspired, not just because her new book (Follow Every Rainbow) is about stories of 25 female entrepreneurs, but also because I finally see a direction to my dream.


Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. She is the author of four bestselling books on entrepreneurship – Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, Connect the Dots, I Have a Dream, and Poor Little Rich Slum.

After more than 140 posts on both my blogs and heaps of inspiration from fellow bloggers and friends, what gave me courage was stories of ordinary people taking risks to do what they genuinely love.

Enter inspiration number 2 – Amish Tripathi. Economic Times tells his story –

When Amish Tripathi finished writing The Immortals of Meluha three years back, he took it to virtually every publisher in the country. All of them rejected his work, the first of the Shiva trilogy, for reasons as varied as a book on gods would have no readership and that it would have no connect with youth. That’s when the alumnus of IIM Calcutta decided to do the next best thing: go back to his marketing textbooks and chart out a plan to publish and sell the book himself. Tripathi printed the first chapter and distributed it at all bookstores in a unique sampling initiative; alongside he got a movie trailer made for the book and uploaded it on YouTube. A year later, Tripathi published the second in the series, The Secret of the Nagas. Together, the two novels have sold over a million copies. And earlier this month, filmmaker Karan Johar bagged the rights to adapt The Immortals… for the big screen.

Read more here.

amish tripathi

I quote Rashmi Bansal,

The qualities that I believe make for success are:
1) being pigheaded (believing in your story and way of writing when no one else will)
2) being ahead of your time (what you’ve written has not been seen before or done before)
3) being I-don’t-give-a-damn (I started doing this for fun, not to make serious money or a big career).


So, now I have a dream (publishing a book), I am a pighead (I believe I can do it), I am not sure if I am ahead of my time (everyone has an opinion now-a-days, will my opinion count?) and I don’t give a damn (I really enjoy writing, not for money but to make my thoughts reach the crowd)


P.S : I really like the idea of creating YouTube videos and distributing pamphlets for publicity – and mostly I’ll employ these.

P.P.S : Plz help me being one step closer to this dream – cast your vote!

Women at Work – My article in Newspaper

As a free lancer, I published an article for Gulf Times the leading newspaper for Middle-East.

Please click on the link and view it :

2013-03-08 21.34.552013-03-08 21.35.252013-03-08 21.35.38

# Feedback appreciated


Why I need 21 pairs of Footwear

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People say women take a lot of time to get ready.

I feel I am an exception 😉 I kinda have everything sorted out (blame my OCD for being meticulously organised)

types of footwear for women  types of footwear for women

These are some basic/essential footwear and here is why I need my 21 pairs of footwear –

  1. Colorful flip-flops to go to market
  2. Blue-green floaters to go on a walk
  3. Black pumps to go out with office people
  4. Black heels to go out with friends
  5. Black bellies for a casual shopping experience
  6. Black flats for the days when I have to go out but my feet say NO to heels
  7. White peep toes for dresses with which black footwear can’t be worn
  8. Maroon zigzag strapped flats for funky outfits
  9. Red strappy flats for comfortable shopping/night outs
  10. Grey and light grey striped shoes for walks in the winter
  11. Blue and green canvas cuz I can afford them
  12. Black and red shoes for solid work-outs/jogs/gym
  13. White shoes to wear with my white shorts
  14. Black flats to go with my eastern wear
  15. Black casual boots for winters
  16. Black leather ankle boots for anytime-boot-time
  17. Silver zigzagged flats for the dresses which don’t look good with any other colored slippers
  18. White studded flats for my eastern wear
  19. Black shoes for office
  20. Brown bathroom slippers
  21. White fur slippers for home

After due thought, I have excluded my ex-footwear, which now belong either to dumpsters or orphans or my cleaner or kids of my cleaner 😉

memoirs from the past

Museums are the places where one can LEARN.

Recently I learnt about idiosyncrasies of the fairer sex, since as early as 8th century!



If this habit started that long ago, nobody is to blame the jewel fanatic women of 21st century 😉

Plus, now with so many artificial alternatives, accessories can be designed to mimic that of any possible era, and its AFFORDABLE! 😀


Although these jewellery now form an extensive part of our history and an indispensable part of our museums, they precisely depict the fancy lifestyle of the Princesses! It would be ridiculous if we didn’t follow the footsteps of our past 😉

Thanks to Museum Of Islamic Art, Ad Dawhah, Qatar for teaching me this lesson 😉

the REAL woman!

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I have seen many jokes, newspapers and critics ranting about how tough is it to understand women! In my opinion, this mentality is because of the bad publicity women have gained over the years, Thanks to silver screen! Most stories evolve around numerous break-ups, link-ups, exaggerated family issues, extravagant life style and exuberant spending on oneself.

In a random order, here are the major points where a Real Woman differs from those predicted in T.V. series or movies

Don’t wear heels 24X7

Have dignity

Don’t indulge in meaningless shopping

Have household chores

Don’t have the time to gossip about men 12 hours in a day

Have responsibility

Don’t always maintain a perfect figure

Have a bad-hair day

Don’t have patience or will to plot games against their enemies

Care about their friends and keep them for a lifetime

Don’t have real-actual-enemies

Read magazines to know about the latest happenings

Don’t hang out with their ex’s and behave as if nothing ever happened

Do read newspaper too

Don’t play games with men as if they’re emotionless toys

Indulge in creative activities

Don’t spent $500 on a pair of shoes

Do know about gadgets

Don’t look picture-perfect all the time

Know how to maintain decorum

Don’t wear make-up all day all night long

Are very intuitive

Don’t look so stunning after they wake up in the morning

Do know how to make sensible arguments

Don’t behave like teenagers in their 40’s

I have to say, a point here and there will vary for most women, but in general these difference increase the gap of fiction and reality.

If only certain realistic T.V shows come up who try to minimize this ever growing gap! *sigh*

Reach out..


While I was in Qatar :

An Arabic woman, clad in black, appears to reach out to the sky.

In an Arab nation like Qatar, women up-heaved to grow in plethora of dimensions, and yet are strongly rooted to their culture, which they cherish tremendously.

This picture is an epitome of growth of a woman in Qatar while a unison of sand, sea and sky watches her.


See Google Map  for location