2 Reality Blog Awards in a week *wink wink*

Nope! You cannot wipe the smirk off my face.. You can try, but you WILL fail 😉

I thought not checking my blog for 2 days was OKAY, not that many comments or likes or activity will be there! But I was taken by a surprise! These two wonderful people Soumya and the Muzer nominated me for Reality Blog Award! 😀

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to them! And a big THANK YOU.




Below are the rules for the REALITY blog award:

1. Answer the 5 questions

2. Nominate 8 other bloggers



1. If you could change one thing, what would you change?

the ability to eat chocolates and cheese and junk food, without getting fat.

2. If you could repeat an age, what would it be?

my 10th standard

3. What one thing really scares you?

disappointing my father!

4. What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?

studying in the US

5. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

Narendra Modi or Priyanka Chopra


My nominees are :





Well rules are meant to be broken, so only 4 nominations! 😉

Enjoy everyone and Congratulations to the nominees, I love your work!

Life b4 social networking

I worry.

At times, I worry a lot.

Most of the times, there is no solid reason to my worries.

Just the other day I was worrying, my kids will never know how life was without social networking!

So here is this post, for my future teenage son and daughter, how life used to be when I was a teenager.

  • We had real friends, and we used to “ hang out” by cycling or playing in garden or gathering at someone’s place for a game of carom/ludo/snakes and ladder.
  • Twitter was just the sound of birds!
  • To share photographs of someone’s marriage or function or birthday, we used to click the photo with a camera -> get them printed -> arrange them in photo albums -> show to others when there happens another family gathering! Not as simple as click -> tag -> share.
  • One was popular after an achievement in athletics or academics. Not getting nominated for an online contest started by a bunch of people. Or worse: best dressed, best smile, best hair competitions for people to feel better about themselves!
  • Sending a mail to someone was a BIG deal. School curriculum taught us how to draft an e-mail and for many years we stuck to that code.
  • One e-mail id was enough for one family. Later on (after a few more years) every application/forum/form required an alternate email id.
  • Blogging did not exist till late 1990s and till 2009 it was limited to only a small group of people.
  • Dating was generally face-to-face, not online.
  • Bosses were treated as bosses and Subordinates were treated as subordinates  They met socially only on special occasions and family gatherings, not every day over internet after work hours!
  • “Time pass” included reading newspapers (not e-newspapers), listening to radio, reading novels (not e-books), gardening etc. Ladies occasionally got together for buying vegetables or sharing recipes while their kids played. Men talked about politics or soccer games by actually physically sitting with other men.
  • Acronyms and abbreviations were logical – nt abt nythin v cn mak wid a propr wrd.
  • Long distance was tough! Colorful postcards, letters in envelopes and stamps of different countries/states were the trend.

There was no FB, no Twitter, no Gmail-YahooMail-Hotmail-RediffMail, No WordPress, No Instagram, No Tumblr, No Skype.

Basically, things were more REAL !!!

Why I need 21 pairs of Footwear

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People say women take a lot of time to get ready.

I feel I am an exception 😉 I kinda have everything sorted out (blame my OCD for being meticulously organised)

types of footwear for women  types of footwear for women

These are some basic/essential footwear and here is why I need my 21 pairs of footwear –

  1. Colorful flip-flops to go to market
  2. Blue-green floaters to go on a walk
  3. Black pumps to go out with office people
  4. Black heels to go out with friends
  5. Black bellies for a casual shopping experience
  6. Black flats for the days when I have to go out but my feet say NO to heels
  7. White peep toes for dresses with which black footwear can’t be worn
  8. Maroon zigzag strapped flats for funky outfits
  9. Red strappy flats for comfortable shopping/night outs
  10. Grey and light grey striped shoes for walks in the winter
  11. Blue and green canvas cuz I can afford them
  12. Black and red shoes for solid work-outs/jogs/gym
  13. White shoes to wear with my white shorts
  14. Black flats to go with my eastern wear
  15. Black casual boots for winters
  16. Black leather ankle boots for anytime-boot-time
  17. Silver zigzagged flats for the dresses which don’t look good with any other colored slippers
  18. White studded flats for my eastern wear
  19. Black shoes for office
  20. Brown bathroom slippers
  21. White fur slippers for home

After due thought, I have excluded my ex-footwear, which now belong either to dumpsters or orphans or my cleaner or kids of my cleaner 😉

day after my 23rd birthday *ooooooh yes I am now 23*

The stuff I gave up on – over the years *sigh*

On my 23rd birthday, I think back and list a few good-healthy-interesting extra-curricular activities and hobbies I gave up, over the past 15 years.

  1. Collecting coins – many countries, different generation

  2. Collecting stamp – many countries, different eras

  3. Collecting dolls – different heights, races, styles, accessories

  4. Collecting bangles – varied colors, types (metal, glass, plastic)

  5. Origami – different shapes, multiple types of objects

  6. Gardening – flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs

  7. Playing violin – four strings I should have hung up on to

  8. Playing keyboard and piano – songs, themes, making music

  9. Making craft from waste paper – masks, collage, mosaic paintings

  10. Making short movies – for competitions, for friends, for loved ones

  11. Playing badminton – a thrilling and tiring game

  12. Playing kho-kho – used to keep me fit (see what is Kho-Kho)

  13. Glass and Silk painting – the patience and time each one needs/demands

I really hope I can again pick up at least one of these hobbies and by the time I am 24 this list is one point shorter!

TO BEING 23 !!!


If my life had a remote control *lost in thoughts*

If I had a remote control to my life, at this time, these are the actions I would take :

Rewind – to stop the incident which leads to a dent in my smile – the falling out of one of my precious 32 teeth

Fast Rewind – to stop the interview I successfully cracked

Forward – see who I FINALLY get married to

Fast Forward – the exams I wrote in anticipation

Pause – the time I made my parents proud after I excelled as top 0.1% of Indian students in academics

Stop – the bullying/ragging I went through

Replay – the dance performance I goofed up on-stage in front of hundreds of people


Dear  Me of 2022,

I hope you have refreshed this list. You just can’t be still hung up on these things 😉

The easily forgotten roadside thoughts…

Roadside thoughts.

One. How do they survive?

Two. Do they even get one day’s meal?

Three. Can they not get employed somewhere? Govt can employ them to clean roads, and pay them daily wages.

Four. What happens in winters?

Five. Were they born in poverty or they reached this pathetic condition later on in life?

Six. Will they be there if I come back after a week?

Seven. What if they need medical attention?

Eight. What happens when they die?

Nine. Does the world care?

Ten. Can I change the world?

Eleven. I am getting late for my job! Need to produce some electricity to keep our cities lighted. Probably I’ll catch a snack on the way. Hmmm…

Venting it Out

Google – “Synonyms of Anger”. One of the search results will lead you to this –

1. Acrid 2. Acrimonious 3. Aggravated 4. Angered 5. Annoyed 6. Antagonistic 7. Antipathetic 8. Apoplectic 9. Ballistic 10. Bellicose 11. Belligerent 12. Bitter 13. Blue in the face 14. Boiling 15. Bristling 16. Burning 17. Caustic 18. Cheesed off 19. Choleric 20. Churlish 21. Cold 22. Contrary 23. Cool 24. Embittered 25. Enraged 26. Exasperated 27. Fired up 28. Fit to be tied 29. Foaming 30. Frustrated 31. Fuming 32. Furious 33. Going crook 34. Hopping 35. Hopping mad 36. Horn-mad 37. Hostile 38. Hot 39. Hot under the collar 40. Icy 41. Incensed 42. Indignant 43. Inflamed 44. Infuriated 45. Irate 46. Ireful 47. Livid 48. Mad 49. Outraged 50: Perturbed 51. Pissed off 52. Rabid 53: Raging 54. Rancorous 55. Rankled 56. Ranting 57. Raving 58. Riled 59. Roiled 60: Seeing red 61. Seething 62. Shirty 63. Smoldering 64. Sore 65. Sore headed 66. Steamed 67. Steaming 68: Storming 69. Stormy 70. Ticked 71. Vitriolic 72. Worked up 73. Wrathful 74. Wroth 75. Wrought up

So many words for one emotion. But we can almost clearly tell the difference between two – for example, “the day I got annoyed by……” or “that time when I got all worked up………” Inside our mind we know EXACTLY which of the above we feel and what we need to do that time – run away or bash someone’ head. Basically – VENT it OUT.

Nobody wants to go to bed keeping these feelings inside, and one should not! I have tried a few things myself to get such negative emotions out of my system. Well, to be frank, I have gotten results based on the intensity of my feelings and my will to let go! Some of these include

  • cooking,
  • listening to music,
  • taking a walk,
  • crying it out,
  • penning it down,
  • watching T.V,
  • re-visiting some old photo albums,
  • shopping,
  • indulging in mundane jobs like washing car/clothes/dishes

The sole purpose of these activities being, giving the brain a little time to relax, instead of getting caught in the moment and reacting. The reasons to get angry may be many – majority of which are not in our control, but the choice of letting go is solely our undertaking.

I am sure if I read this blog 5 years from now, this list would need an updating.  There are enough jerks who tempt you to behave like them, but I believe its graceful to opt out of it. What say? 🙂

Murakami Ego’s Exhibition

Visited the Murakami-Ego in March 2012, which is an exhibition by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

It was the first solo exhibition for the artist in the Middle East, showcasing over 60 works created since 1997, alongside new ones designed especially for the exhibition.

The 6-metre high self-portrait shows the artist as a giant meditating Buddha greeting his visitors at the entrance of the exhibition space.


With a PhD degree in Nihonga painting from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Takashi Murakami has developed a signature style where the most modern techniques combine with the skill and precision of traditional Japanese art.


Exhibition in Middle East

Exhibition in France

Early to bed, Early to rise?

early to bed, early to rise, good morning

November Resolution : Early to bed, Early to rise!

October 31st

10:00 pm

Tucked in bed

11:30 pm

Rolling on the bed thinking when will I fall asleep

(Sometime in between this) November Starts

2:00 am

“Damn it..! Why am I not getting sleep!” Wakes up, drinks water, back to bed! 😐

3:45 am

Finally asleep

8:00 am

Mom comes to wake me up

Repeats 5-6 times (based on my mom’s patience that day)

10:30 am

My good morning starts! 😀

Mundane activities follow

03:20 pm

I am not going to take an afternoon nap, so I can get sleep at night *smart thinking* 😉

Other unimportant activities follow

10:45 pm

“I should sleep”

11:55 pm

Rolling on the bed thinking what the hell is wrong with me 😐

November 2

2:00 am

LalaLALaAlALAaalaLaLALALALlalalaLA *humming songs in the head*

3: 30 am

Still no sleep

Falls asleep, Time unknown

9:00 am

Mom shouting, “Do you know what color is the sky at dawn, ever seen it?”

9:45 am

Wakes up rubbing eyes.

In the couch for an hour, finally gets up, splashes water on face. “I think now I am awake” 😉

Mundane activities follow

9:45 pm

Mom – “Are you going to bed soon?”

“Mom, did you see a point in it since last two days?” 😐

November Resolution Dropped