My purpose

Life gives us a million happy memories, and we fail to keep a track of all of them.

Just for one of those days, when I feel low : This is to remind me – I, too, had good times!


An update:
I started this blog around 3 years back if I am not mistaken. When I came back to it today (2015), I had forgotten what was ‘my purpose’. I guess amidst the 2 year MBA break, I had forgotten what was it that I wanted the most- to make memories 🙂
So, apparently, keeping  blog does solve that purpose. It did remind me who I was, how much I have grown and what I want.


299 thoughts on “My purpose

  1. If one keeps a journal, it is a great place to keep memories, for they are also the foundation of potentially interesting, as well as winning stories. In other words multipurpose, lest we forget a trace of having been of this world. Excellent idea your purpose, and thanks for sharing. JJ

  2. I find it really important to learn to take note of the good times. My natural tendency is to keep a tally of the bad, and that only leads down a dark road. I would rather choose a different direction in joy!

    • Don’t take tally of the bad. Just make sure that you live for that day & make it the best day of your life. When you just live for the bad, you will not see anything but bad. They have very little for life at all! I am living because I never gave up on what I needed to make me better. I may have had a lot of times when nothing worked, but worked to get a better life through happiness is what I have been doing all my life. I do it now too! It makes me stronger than ever.
      Take the time to see my blog & see if there are any good points you might either talk about or live for. Have a great day!

  3. thanks for liking my various “mothers” posts! its always exciting for me to get a chance to “meet” new folks and see what they’re doing on their blogs. i love this particular post … i totally agree with the memories and focusing on the positive… though the “hiccups” can be fun to remember… later down the road when not so inconvenient or difficult to swallow haha.

  4. Thanks for seeing my post “Precious Sarah”, she is an inspiration to & for me. Not only does she help me to get away from the bad, she helps to send me to her world which is so helpful & I do the same for her, too! We both experience a lot of each other & learn about each other constantly when in need & also when we are unhappy with how we either have become or have made each other as our lives change very much in the process! You have just as good of days as others here. Just think of the bad 1s as learning experiences for yourself & take them as another day down the road in life for memories later on. May god bless you in all you do!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and blessings. Learning is the most essential process of living and evolving.. I continue to live in positive spirits and to become a better person..

  5. Thank you for liking my post! I feel your support… and I love your blog(s) by the way. You seem very refreshing, and I love that you post others’ poetry, although I was hoping to find some of yours! Maybe I haven’t looked enough… will do so! Namaste’.

    • Namaste dear!
      I am glad you could drop by.. My poetry is on
      It is good to know artists like you and specially that you appreciate poetry!
      Have a good day, Cheers!

  6. Hi Sakshiva,
    I want to thank you for the recents likes on my blog. I like these two quotes. I agree that I have had so many lovely and wonderful memories. The way I try to hold onto some of them is to write about them in my journal. Recently a friend sent me a very beautiful and touching thank you note in a text message, that I plan to write in my journal. By the way, she was thanking me for a journal I had given her with beautiful quotes I copied for her.

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