Early to bed, Early to rise?

early to bed, early to rise, good morning

November Resolution : Early to bed, Early to rise!

October 31st

10:00 pm

Tucked in bed

11:30 pm

Rolling on the bed thinking when will I fall asleep

(Sometime in between this) November Starts

2:00 am

“Damn it..! Why am I not getting sleep!” Wakes up, drinks water, back to bed! 😐

3:45 am

Finally asleep

8:00 am

Mom comes to wake me up

Repeats 5-6 times (based on my mom’s patience that day)

10:30 am

My good morning starts! πŸ˜€

Mundane activities follow

03:20 pm

I am not going to take an afternoon nap, so I can get sleep at night *smart thinking* πŸ˜‰

Other unimportant activities follow

10:45 pm

“I should sleep”

11:55 pm

Rolling on the bed thinking what the hell is wrong with me 😐

November 2

2:00 am

LalaLALaAlALAaalaLaLALALALlalalaLA *humming songs in the head*

3: 30 am

Still no sleep

Falls asleep, Time unknown

9:00 am

Mom shouting, β€œDo you know what color is the sky at dawn, ever seen it?”

9:45 am

Wakes up rubbing eyes.

In the couch for an hour, finally gets up, splashes water on face. β€œI think now I am awake” πŸ˜‰

Mundane activities follow

9:45 pm

Mom – β€œAre you going to bed soon?”

β€œMom, did you see a point in it since last two days?” 😐

November Resolution Dropped

39 thoughts on “Early to bed, Early to rise?

      • My quiet intended reply to you was, since I find in you a creative idealistic poet, and the creative energies are at its peak from 4-00 AM to 6-00 AM, it should be availed, and appreciated your ambition to ‘early to bed, and early to rise’. It is not that you should write at that hour. But if you keep awake, and conscious, instead of in unconscious sleep, at that golden hour, new energies will be absorbed by you in due course. That’s what i wanted to convey, beta, young one!

  1. well november is a time for end semester exams for most of the engineering students. I keep on thinking the same “early to bed, early to rise” adage as it is culturally and psychologically ingrained in us that studying in the morning is the best thing as you can retain most of it but i always end up “early to bed, late to rise”. These things keep on repeating each day and within no time the next day is the examination day with no preparation done! So this time around i am keeping myself awake by commenting on interesting blogs!
    Happy to drop by!

    • First, thank you for dropping by and making me happy that a fellow engineer (in the making) likes my blog πŸ˜‰
      and yes, on a personal note, before college sems I used to change my routine n study early mornings since hostel was peaceful then.. And trust me, it helps πŸ™‚
      For the same reason I wrote this https://cruisingthroughmylife.wordpress.com/2012/09/19/morning-noon-night-of-my-indian-graduation/

      Good luck with your exams, lemme know your results πŸ˜‰

      • Wow!…i read your blog “morning noon night of my indian graduation”. Glad to find a fellow engineer from a NIT. I am a 3rd yr student in VNIT, Nagpur… πŸ˜€ Back here in my hostel i find my fellow mates very disturbing during the day. Either they come to ask notes or simply to have “ghar ka nashta” (my mom sends me loads of it during exams..:P) and then endless gossip ensues forth. So after struggling to study in hostel for 3 semesters, i devised a strangely bad way with no guilt whatsoever. I shut off my lights during night, switch on my night lamp and as if pretending to sleep for the outside world, i find peace with my books…:D
        I know god will forgive me…:D

      • That trick never worked with girls here at Trichy πŸ˜‰
        they knock n disturb you, unless you put a sign on the door to not disturb.. Mine actually read, “DND….. unless you need medical assistance” πŸ˜›

        But yes I enjoy studying in the open natural sunlight far more than laptop lights or dim shady lamps.. That was probably cuz studying core Electrical Engineering puts me to sleep unless lots and lots of lights are ON πŸ˜›

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