Rainbows aren’t just in the sky :)

I took this pic at an oil-spill at my workplace 🙂 And I thought to myself, Rainbows aren’t just in the sky – it’s just a matter of perspective!

In our day-to-day life, we forget observe the beauty nature offers us. But such microscopic events (for me, at my workplace itself) brings us a moment of realization that sometimes we need to take off our blinders and live in the moment!

There is a saying in Hindi, “Dhoondne se toh khuda bhi milta hai” which means – If one searches intently enough he can find God too! 

All we need to find is our moment, and take a break once in awhile 🙂

memoirs from the past

Museums are the places where one can LEARN.

Recently I learnt about idiosyncrasies of the fairer sex, since as early as 8th century!



If this habit started that long ago, nobody is to blame the jewel fanatic women of 21st century 😉

Plus, now with so many artificial alternatives, accessories can be designed to mimic that of any possible era, and its AFFORDABLE! 😀


Although these jewellery now form an extensive part of our history and an indispensable part of our museums, they precisely depict the fancy lifestyle of the Princesses! It would be ridiculous if we didn’t follow the footsteps of our past 😉

Thanks to Museum Of Islamic Art, Ad Dawhah, Qatar for teaching me this lesson 😉

the REAL woman!

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I have seen many jokes, newspapers and critics ranting about how tough is it to understand women! In my opinion, this mentality is because of the bad publicity women have gained over the years, Thanks to silver screen! Most stories evolve around numerous break-ups, link-ups, exaggerated family issues, extravagant life style and exuberant spending on oneself.

In a random order, here are the major points where a Real Woman differs from those predicted in T.V. series or movies

Don’t wear heels 24X7

Have dignity

Don’t indulge in meaningless shopping

Have household chores

Don’t have the time to gossip about men 12 hours in a day

Have responsibility

Don’t always maintain a perfect figure

Have a bad-hair day

Don’t have patience or will to plot games against their enemies

Care about their friends and keep them for a lifetime

Don’t have real-actual-enemies

Read magazines to know about the latest happenings

Don’t hang out with their ex’s and behave as if nothing ever happened

Do read newspaper too

Don’t play games with men as if they’re emotionless toys

Indulge in creative activities

Don’t spent $500 on a pair of shoes

Do know about gadgets

Don’t look picture-perfect all the time

Know how to maintain decorum

Don’t wear make-up all day all night long

Are very intuitive

Don’t look so stunning after they wake up in the morning

Do know how to make sensible arguments

Don’t behave like teenagers in their 40’s

I have to say, a point here and there will vary for most women, but in general these difference increase the gap of fiction and reality.

If only certain realistic T.V shows come up who try to minimize this ever growing gap! *sigh*

Voice from the audience – expressing love for architecture

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Even when I pass by a magnificent building, admiring it all the way, there is a very bleak chance I’ll ever go back home and Google the name of its architect. Even if I do, it’s quite a possibility I’ll forget it after a while. With intense competition (with peers and themselves) to create a masterpiece in each building, architects have become almost like a nameless blessing to mankind – except a few geniuses, Duh!

I jotted down in a jiffy, why I LOVE architecture – the study of it, the making of it, everything 🙂

  • Its creative, there is no limitation to what you can imagine!
  • So much scope, So many opportunities! …….Every office needs a building right? 😛
  • Not everyone can make it, but everyone can be a critic and praise it 😉
  • It invents future – best technological reforms utilized in modern architecture!
  • It constantly keeps in touch with past – So many archaeological sites, caves, places of worship, cities, town halls become inspirations
  • Minute changes make such big difference! Example – lighting a place and adding lots of small lights to create a better effect 😉

Okay, so neither am I an architect, nor a critic. I am just a voice from the audience who loves walking in the streets with their head up high because they love to see the buildings around 🙂

# Hats off to those whose ideas come alive and people around the world come to see their creation!

*Wish I could be an architect*

Roadways VS Railways

After knowing me so well, now I can confidently say that my first experience at things/events isn’t good – EVER!

As a kid, my parents never allowed me to travel alone till it became an absolute necessity!

And even till this age, I get the same repeated sessions of DO’s and DON’Ts to be followed while I am travelling alone. Not that my folks are scared that I’ll get talking to strangers and become friendly with them, but more about my health and doing things on time (“in time” according to them)!

After my first journey in the Indian Railways, I realized why my parents preferred roadways to railways. Here are a few of them enlisted –

1. You won’t need to book/buy your tickets months in advance for a road journey.

2. You can manage to get late for a road journey. You can hop on to the next bus and its super convenient if you own a car. The train may get delayed on its own, but in case it’s on time – it won’t wait for you!

3. Breakdowns. A bus may be replaced, trains are generally cancelled.

4. In case of fog, or bad weather, buses will still comply to deliver passengers to their destinations – generally taking a little longer the usual time; railways take no such guarantee.

5. Mishaps. Accident possibility in railway journey might not outnumber the one by roadways. But extent of disaster is worse.

6. Roadside dhabbas don’t serve you chai made in sewer water and food out of God-knows-What ingredients. Eating from railways’ food department is a sure shot invitation to Food Poisoning.

7. It’s tough to change your seat or exchange it with fellow train passengers.

8. The fear of losing your luggage in trains is higher! 😐

Although my train journeys in the past have been pretty eventful, but most of them ended at my destination SAFELY.

I have now made a clear-cut choice to pick roadways whenever possible, and railways are preferred only for the sole reason of SPEED-DISTANCE-TIME ratio.

Being FUNNY ^_^

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“A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin

Laughing is such an expressive mode of communication. We all have had our rolling on the floor – tummy crouching types of laughing.  

I have made here a list of various reasons, why I recently laughed :

  1. When someone said something sarcastic, C’mon sarcasm is the new funny *Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock*
  2. When I did something idiotic, and grinned “thank god, no-one was around..!” 😀 
  3. When I was playing a game and winning *in-your-face-laugh*
  4. When I didn’t understand a joke *the Joey Tribbiani type fake laugh* 😐
  5. When I was forced to laugh/ peer pressure laugh *like the one of Chandler Bing and Monica Geller*
  6. When something awful happened with someone else, and I laughed “thank god, that wasn’t me”
  7. When there was a slip of tongue *rib cracking at times* 😀
  8. When someone was about to do something idiotic; I knew what the result is going be, and I still din’t stop him, just to laugh at him later *Ted Moseby* 
  9. When someone else was rolling on the floor laughing; I didn’t know the reason but found it damn funny *bwahaha*
  10. When someone was imitating someone ^in a hilarious way obviously 😉
  11. When someone stepped into something shitty on a sidewalk/footpath or a bird’s excreta fell on someone other than me! 😀
  12. When someone slipped and fell in a funny way *this one is hard to resist*
  13. When I could not understand a word in a class/lecture and started dreaming of something weird happening. This process usually started with “What If……..”
  14. When a song on the radio had absurd music/funny lyrics/singer! *Tracy Jordan and Charlie Sheen*
  15. When I heard a weird how-he-proposed-her story *some romantic fools, I tell you..!!* 😉
  16. When someone was trying to speculate someone’s or their own future. *How I still haven’t Met your Mother* 😀 😀
  17. When I indulged in leg-pulling – for doing-or not doing something.
  18. When a friend chickened out in a dare *that is hilarious, seeing the courage dissolving*

And most of all, I laughed when I saw someone doing these similar things on T.V..

Shows like the ones in the slideshow, have their TRPs based on the number of people they can entertain, be it in any possible way! In fact, this list is pretty miniature, considering thousands of creative script writers around the globe survive on adding a point in this elementary list and thus adding a knack to their writing.

 Keep Laughing Fellas 😀


\\Birthday Bashes//

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Over the years, we lose the charm of celebrating birthday in the cake-cutting-and-balloon-bursting style!

The gathering, the lighting candles, the monotonous signing of Happy-Birthday-To-You with cheering and clapping, and making a wish before blowing out the candles used to be fun, isn’t it?

I still am the seven-year old at heart, waiting for my birthday eagerly, year after year! I like to eat my left over cake the next day and I absolutely love looking at my birthday presents again and again 😉

I think it’s because of the fond memories of various birthday bashes I planned for my friends, and the ones I got in return, that I still am excited about birthdays! 

It’s not about getting older, it’s about cherishing the past and welcoming the future!


Why the boundaries? *voice of my James Sully Avatar*

Lazing on the beach sands and watching Qatar Grand Prix, this caption came in my head which provoked many thoughts about “boundaries”, which in turn made me feel like Jake Sully (played by  Sam Worthington) of AVATAR.

This is how :

Step 1

Watching the Grand Prix. Observing the route of the motor boats. Notices the so-called-temporary-boundary formed for the contestants.

Step 2

The phrase “boundaries in water” pops up in head and is stuck. I start thinking!

Step 3

I wonder why humans make boundaries in water. Land is divided, isn’t it enough already? Is partition of sky next?

Step 4

The horrible incidents of the middle-east lately (in Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq and Afghanistan) creep into my head. I start to think, why people fight, why do wars happen, why can’t we stop them.

Step 5

I reach the conclusion. Humans are so greedy, I hate them! *feels like James Sully of today’s real world*

Step 6

Loud applause. Reality kicks in 😀

Somebody has won the race! I finish munching on my potato chips! 

  # THE END to my James Sully Avatar 😉

~ Rain! Rain! Come Again! ~


Responses I get from people when I ask if they like rains/rainy season –

1. Eeeew! No! It’s so sticky-sticky and humid. No ways!

2. Naaah…It makes me feel depressed!

3. Ain’t no sunshine, the day doesn’t feel like the day! I feel so lazy!

4. The puddles on the roads spoil my heels/footwear/shoes..!! *thanks to Indian roadways department*

5. The clothes get wet, and they don’t dry easily. No I don’t like staying wet, or getting wet early morning. *you got to be kidding me*

6. Do you know how many diseases/infections spread in this season? Do you like Rainy season, *almost feels like someone is putting a pistol on my head* do you?

*After the last one, I decided not to consider my audience on this topic* 😀

rains, rainy season

But I love rains. And I have my own reasons!

1. It is romantic! It is, just look at the sky once in a while!

2. No rainbows unless it rains!!!

3. You can act like a kid, regardless of your actual age! Splash into water puddles and get dirty, since you’re wet anyways 😉

4. Walking with an umbrella is so cool, I mean this is the only time you can use umbrella as a fashion statement! 😉

5. Some dishes and sweets just taste better when its raining. I mean, seriously, there are rainy-season-special-sweets in India.

6. Walking in the rain, nobody can see you cry # never tried it, but read it somewhere!

7. You have an excuse to come late to office/take a day off by calling in sick 😉

8. It gives a perfect reason to enjoy a cup(s) of  herbal tea/strong coffee (more than your usual in-a-day count).  

I have always loved rains and will continue to enjoy this season just like the others!

Cheers!  *coffee mug*


My affair @ The Taj Mahal *wink wink*

I have visited the Taj Mahal twice, once with family, once with friends. Its breath taking beauty left me awe struck both the times.

Since I know the local language, and how things work around in India, I thought of listing a few factoids about visiting the Taj Mahal, added with my special tips (and a a bit of gossip in the end)!

  • Plan your day of visit beforehand. It remains CLOSED on FRIDAYS!!

  • Taking a motorized vehicle or a cart to travel from the main gate to the main grave: Easy on your feet, there is a lot to cover inside the boundaries of the Taj, why tire yourself right from the beginning..? Do not overpay! The cab are cheap.
  • There are three entry gates- Eastern, Western and Southern. Don’t panic/wait up if you a see a long queue of people waiting for tickets at the entry. There is an other way round 😉

taj mahal  

  • Hiring a tour guide: They have memorized word by word each fascinating point about the monument. Hire a government approved guide as they have specific charges. Although no scope of bargaining, but at least you won’t be running into the risk of interacting with unauthorized or suspicious people.  


  • Getting a token of remembrance after visiting. The gift shops around are OVERPRICED. Do not buy from there in the name of authenticity. You get same stuff outside, in Agra city for 1/10th price!

mini taj mahal

So I am done sharing some general knowledge, most of which applies to other parts of India too. So reading them, is a win-win 😀 Here are some other snaps 🙂

Basically this recent one was a memorable trip with friends, one of them I was head over heels in love with from previous two years, but never had the courage to speak up to. And that courage finally surfaced in the most romantic place I could think of.

(Well, I have modified the truth a bit, but what the hell, I want my kids to read this in future :P)

You can distinctly see seven people in the above pic, posing in front of the glorious Taj. Me, my newly confessed love, and the others who pulled our leg for umpteen days for get all lovey-dovey (thanks to the Taj effect :P).

Visit the Taj, you will fall in love with its beauty if not something/someone else! 

#  I should have named this – Blog of a romantic fool 😀

P.S : official site of Taj Mahal

Erasing the dots..

Don’t we hate it, when we can’t get to wash away a stained table-cloth? Or bed sheet or favorite party-wear? We give up at times; but if it’s a special one, we don’t give up easily, do we?

Then why not do the same for our inner self? We all get our spirit broken and scarred. We all come across people who cheat or hurt or humiliate us. We keep those people-those memories in our minds and hearts. 

See the irony, washing the stains off our dress is more important than cleansing our soul.

But we owe it to ourselves, to forgive-and-forget and have the passion to keep our lives free of negative energy. There is so much love to be shared, then why give even the tiny bit of importance to negativity.

I made a deal with myself. Once in a while, I think of one person who hurt me. And tell myself “I forgive him/her. I no longer want to keep the memories of that pain.” 

I have faith that with such baby steps, forgiving one person at a time, I can heal my souls and cherish only the good memories.

What do you do to heal your heart?