Venting it Out

Google – “Synonyms of Anger”. One of the search results will lead you to this –

1. Acrid 2. Acrimonious 3. Aggravated 4. Angered 5. Annoyed 6. Antagonistic 7. Antipathetic 8. Apoplectic 9. Ballistic 10. Bellicose 11. Belligerent 12. Bitter 13. Blue in the face 14. Boiling 15. Bristling 16. Burning 17. Caustic 18. Cheesed off 19. Choleric 20. Churlish 21. Cold 22. Contrary 23. Cool 24. Embittered 25. Enraged 26. Exasperated 27. Fired up 28. Fit to be tied 29. Foaming 30. Frustrated 31. Fuming 32. Furious 33. Going crook 34. Hopping 35. Hopping mad 36. Horn-mad 37. Hostile 38. Hot 39. Hot under the collar 40. Icy 41. Incensed 42. Indignant 43. Inflamed 44. Infuriated 45. Irate 46. Ireful 47. Livid 48. Mad 49. Outraged 50: Perturbed 51. Pissed off 52. Rabid 53: Raging 54. Rancorous 55. Rankled 56. Ranting 57. Raving 58. Riled 59. Roiled 60: Seeing red 61. Seething 62. Shirty 63. Smoldering 64. Sore 65. Sore headed 66. Steamed 67. Steaming 68: Storming 69. Stormy 70. Ticked 71. Vitriolic 72. Worked up 73. Wrathful 74. Wroth 75. Wrought up

So many words for one emotion. But we can almost clearly tell the difference between two – for example, “the day I got annoyed by……” or “that time when I got all worked up………” Inside our mind we know EXACTLY which of the above we feel and what we need to do that time – run away or bash someone’ head. Basically – VENT it OUT.

Nobody wants to go to bed keeping these feelings inside, and one should not! I have tried a few things myself to get such negative emotions out of my system. Well, to be frank, I have gotten results based on the intensity of my feelings and my will to let go! Some of these include

  • cooking,
  • listening to music,
  • taking a walk,
  • crying it out,
  • penning it down,
  • watching T.V,
  • re-visiting some old photo albums,
  • shopping,
  • indulging in mundane jobs like washing car/clothes/dishes

The sole purpose of these activities being, giving the brain a little time to relax, instead of getting caught in the moment and reacting. The reasons to get angry may be many – majority of which are not in our control, but the choice of letting go is solely our undertaking.

I am sure if I read this blog 5 years from now, this list would need an updating.  There are enough jerks who tempt you to behave like them, but I believe its graceful to opt out of it. What say? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Venting it Out

  1. Google is a darling…I always find these things(though I remmember none), its fun!!!
    But vent it out…
    and here, ” 38. Hot 39. Hot under the collar 40. Icy ” Woo! epic!
    HOT and ICY???? o_O


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