Murakami Ego’s Exhibition

Visited the Murakami-Ego in March 2012, which is an exhibition by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

It was the first solo exhibition for the artist in the Middle East, showcasing over 60 works created since 1997, alongside new ones designed especially for the exhibition.

The 6-metre high self-portrait shows the artist as a giant meditating Buddha greeting his visitors at the entrance of the exhibition space.


With a PhD degree in Nihonga painting from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Takashi Murakami has developed a signature style where the most modern techniques combine with the skill and precision of traditional Japanese art.


Exhibition in Middle East

Exhibition in France

glorious ancient times!

While reading the newspaper some days back, I realized how much science and technology has advanced in the last few years! 

And I love it! Love the way mankind is fast approaching to a scientifically advanced future

The tall glass buildings, carefully engineered bridges and opera halls look spectacular. But, to me, they aren’t as fascinating as our historic monuments.

Yes, I am a history-loving person. I love the history behind each castle, the romantic stories hidden in each palace and the glory of wars of each fort. Chronicles and reigns of royal families captivate me.

Indeed I love the present day architecture, but I may say I am slightly fonder of the ancient times.

Obviously, after living in a civic apartment, one endears the idea of hugely decorated dorms, studded with semi precious stones and “a room for everything”. The added benefits may be a huge garden having a fountain with continuous fresh water flow. Or probably a backyard riverside. 😉

I mean, imagine, what a life!! No worries of electricity and water bills. Even if one has to light oil-lamps, there is no worry of rising oil price!

I may be too dreamy to consider the lives of only the royals, after all there must be a common-man-life even in that era.

But when I visit a fort (which to promote a country/state is now converted to a museum/heritage site/tourist spot) I see the vision what the kings and princes of those days must have seen.

Thanks to tourist guides, visitors just know about the glory of an archaeological structure. They cease to realize, those were not just the building blocks of today’s advance structures, but also a learning book passed on from our past for us.


Visit to Katara, Doha-Qatar


We make plans. Hundreds of them. Some in our minds, some on paper as well. How many of them come true?

From the day we get smart enough to think, we make plans. But owing to the constraints and priorities in this fast-moving life, we walk past them at times.

We also ponder upon some failed plans. We wonder how different life would be, if “that” had happened. A song playing on the radio reminds us of it. Or casual bantering of a pal brings back memories of certain now-sounding-funny-group-plans. We think about it, we talk about it and then keep it aside in a storage area of our mind where heaps of other such plans are already resting in peace.

Why can we not implement our plans? Wake up one day, have our morning tea/coffee and decide, “Today I am gonna do this, which I had actually planned to do long time ago”. Why don’t we do this, why not? And who is stopping us?

At least the answer of the last question lies in itself – US!

Obviously we cannot perform such courageous acts every day, but once in a while, we should. Eventually, a few successful plans will make way for the others.