the REAL woman!

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I have seen many jokes, newspapers and critics ranting about how tough is it to understand women! In my opinion, this mentality is because of the bad publicity women have gained over the years, Thanks to silver screen! Most stories evolve around numerous break-ups, link-ups, exaggerated family issues, extravagant life style and exuberant spending on oneself.

In a random order, here are the major points where a Real Woman differs from those predicted in T.V. series or movies

Don’t wear heels 24X7

Have dignity

Don’t indulge in meaningless shopping

Have household chores

Don’t have the time to gossip about men 12 hours in a day

Have responsibility

Don’t always maintain a perfect figure

Have a bad-hair day

Don’t have patience or will to plot games against their enemies

Care about their friends and keep them for a lifetime

Don’t have real-actual-enemies

Read magazines to know about the latest happenings

Don’t hang out with their ex’s and behave as if nothing ever happened

Do read newspaper too

Don’t play games with men as if they’re emotionless toys

Indulge in creative activities

Don’t spent $500 on a pair of shoes

Do know about gadgets

Don’t look picture-perfect all the time

Know how to maintain decorum

Don’t wear make-up all day all night long

Are very intuitive

Don’t look so stunning after they wake up in the morning

Do know how to make sensible arguments

Don’t behave like teenagers in their 40’s

I have to say, a point here and there will vary for most women, but in general these difference increase the gap of fiction and reality.

If only certain realistic T.V shows come up who try to minimize this ever growing gap! *sigh*

Being FUNNY ^_^

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“A day without laughter is a day wasted” – Charlie Chaplin

Laughing is such an expressive mode of communication. We all have had our rolling on the floor – tummy crouching types of laughing.  

I have made here a list of various reasons, why I recently laughed :

  1. When someone said something sarcastic, C’mon sarcasm is the new funny *Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock*
  2. When I did something idiotic, and grinned “thank god, no-one was around..!” 😀 
  3. When I was playing a game and winning *in-your-face-laugh*
  4. When I didn’t understand a joke *the Joey Tribbiani type fake laugh* 😐
  5. When I was forced to laugh/ peer pressure laugh *like the one of Chandler Bing and Monica Geller*
  6. When something awful happened with someone else, and I laughed “thank god, that wasn’t me”
  7. When there was a slip of tongue *rib cracking at times* 😀
  8. When someone was about to do something idiotic; I knew what the result is going be, and I still din’t stop him, just to laugh at him later *Ted Moseby* 
  9. When someone else was rolling on the floor laughing; I didn’t know the reason but found it damn funny *bwahaha*
  10. When someone was imitating someone ^in a hilarious way obviously 😉
  11. When someone stepped into something shitty on a sidewalk/footpath or a bird’s excreta fell on someone other than me! 😀
  12. When someone slipped and fell in a funny way *this one is hard to resist*
  13. When I could not understand a word in a class/lecture and started dreaming of something weird happening. This process usually started with “What If……..”
  14. When a song on the radio had absurd music/funny lyrics/singer! *Tracy Jordan and Charlie Sheen*
  15. When I heard a weird how-he-proposed-her story *some romantic fools, I tell you..!!* 😉
  16. When someone was trying to speculate someone’s or their own future. *How I still haven’t Met your Mother* 😀 😀
  17. When I indulged in leg-pulling – for doing-or not doing something.
  18. When a friend chickened out in a dare *that is hilarious, seeing the courage dissolving*

And most of all, I laughed when I saw someone doing these similar things on T.V..

Shows like the ones in the slideshow, have their TRPs based on the number of people they can entertain, be it in any possible way! In fact, this list is pretty miniature, considering thousands of creative script writers around the globe survive on adding a point in this elementary list and thus adding a knack to their writing.

 Keep Laughing Fellas 😀