My purpose

Life gives us a million happy memories, and we fail to keep a track of all of them.

Just for one of those days, when I feel low : This is to remind me – I, too, had good times!


An update:
I started this blog around 3 years back if I am not mistaken. When I came back to it today (2015), I had forgotten what was ‘my purpose’. I guess amidst the 2 year MBA break, I had forgotten what was it that I wanted the most-Β to make memories πŸ™‚
So, apparently, keeping Β blog does solve that purpose. It did remind me who I was, how much I have grown and what I want.


299 thoughts on “My purpose

  1. Interesting. I’m not sure I have ever thought of having a purpose. I guess that when you decide to do things or refrain from doing things so that you have a positive impact on the lives of the people you come in contact with, that is a purpose. Thanks for visiting my site and the like of my post “Bird in Flight”..

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your purpose. Been feeling nudged to write down my story and the happy memories along with those that make the happy memories so wonderful

  3. Hello Sakshi..,Glad that you stopped at my blog, Thank you. You do exemplary writing, am inspired.

  4. It’s always so important to pay attention to our many blessings (yes, they’re always there) and to be grateful. Every time you publish a photo and feel the appreciation, you are saying Thank You to the Universe and reminding us to do it, too. That’s a great service to us all. Thanks, Sakshi.

  5. Thank you for visiting Mad City Witch. Life is such an amazing journey. Reflecting back is just as important as looking ahead, but getting the most out of the present is often overlooked.

    • That is very true. Reflecting back is equally imp as lookin ahead, but I think in our present we’re caught up just doin those 2 things, rather than makin the most of present.

  6. Thanks for Like on Home…sweet of you and always flattering when another writer takes notice! Your poems are amazing…love that best of all.

  7. True. Most of the time we hold on to the sad times, we forget that we too have good memories. Thanks for visiting my blog. Appreciate that.

  8. Hi Sakshivashist, thanks for liking my posts. I like your memory keeper note, all memories need minding, and celebrating.

  9. That’s a really great mission statement. I am one month into my blog, and am having trouble remember my purpose for creating it, so such a great intent is really inspiring!

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  11. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for liking πŸ™‚ happy people seldom grow old in mind..that doesn’t mean they are means they still have a child within..

  12. I enjoy what you are writing and find it very interesting. We all must sometimes do our regular job, but then lucky we have a way to release our creativity.

  13. I like the purpose idea.. That’s partly why I started my blog, that and to give me proverbial kick up the bum from time to time. I was asked once if I had a purpose in life and that if I did, how much of my time was focused on achieving it?
    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Gary,
      lovely to meet someone with same purpose, or goal. I think it is very essential to first know what you want, only then you can take a step forward in achieving it..

  14. Many years ago I decided that I wanted to write when I set a series of goals for myself. The last one that I had not done was to write. It looks like you have gotten to a much earlier start than I did. It is great that you recognize your purpose and are fulfilling it. Glad you stopped by My Adventures in Cooking and Cuisine. That is in a way fulfilling my final goal that I set when I was in my 30’s. Guess it’s time to set a new series of goals to take me into my latter years. Great meeting you.

  15. Hello- I was surprised to find you purpose different than your profile. You are a dynamic person with magic and energy, looking forward to a time when your memories will lift you out of a lesser time? I felt your profile was delightful and your purpose was diminished. You will attract what you broadcast. I think you are hiding from a real purpose you haven’t shared even with yourself. People who love poetry don’t forget good or bad times, they write about it. I believe you should make your purpose more like your poetry. Just my opinion. Thank you for stopping by my site

    • I will start with the saying – the only thing constant is change!

      When I started writing I wanted to pen down only “my” emotional thoughts. Thus my initial few posts are about my college, a feeling about my friends, birthday celebration…slowly things around my work place started affecting me and I wrote about “venting out”, difference in women portrayed in t.v and in reality…later on I visited, traveled, saw exhibitions, parks..small small incidences like someone making me smile started becoming important – because I knew somewhere they’re all painting a bigger picture. And recently I have posted about my career diversion- becoming a journalist/writer after being an engineer for so long.

      So this is like a journal for me- to look back and see what changed me- how have I looked at situations or life at different times of my life.

      And it is not only for “sad” times that I will yearn for this blog to lift my spirits (it still does cheer me up on a bad day)- but also to see myself in my own eyes- see what I was and what I have become. And trust me, in 6 months I see the difference. For proof scroll down to posts of October/November and see how differently I used to write.

      and as far as poetry is concerned- people who love poetry do forget good and bad times. I forget why I wrote a poem and for whom. Maybe I suffer from a memory problem- but when I read a heartbreaking poem of mine after a few months- I can’t remember exactly what terrible thing made me write it. So I disagree that people who love poetry just write about it- people can read it too- not necessarily write.

      I am glad yo shared your opinion and above written lines are just a justification that I don’t feel I have deviated from my purpose. Maybe looking at a few posts you can judge me and say I am hiding from a real purpose which I haven’t shared from myself- but trust me I know exactly who I am and what I want from my blog and my life.

      Have a good day!

      • Very nice reply, your reply seems to me to be your real purpose, I did not mean to offend you sorry If I did. What you say here is deep and important and I think it portrays you more clearly than your stated purpose. These words you just wrote will move people.

  16. Hi, thanks for liking my post regarding my wedding anniversary. I am new to blogging and learning the art in writing everyday. I have recently completed writing my memoir and fine-tuning a query letter and synopsis. I don’t find any of it easy; howeve, like someone has said: “Persistence is the key.” I have enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you Mary.

      I would say, don’t write everyday- it’ll become tedious. Sit on a weekend- write as much you can about whatever you want and schedule it for next 3-4 days. Then again sit on a weekday and write in flow and schedule it.

      It is better when you write in flow, if the flow is broken its hard to come up with good words or lines sometimes. Plus- if you do it like a monotonous job as in “I have to do it everyday”, you’ll soon lose interest.

      So just try what I said for a week ans see if it works. It works for me πŸ™‚ maybe it’ll work for you, if not, you can always go back on your daily routine.

  17. Thank you Sakshi for visiting my blog and commenting on my post about the Blood of Jesus. I hope you come to know his great love personally! Rose at

  18. Love it. we are alike in that respect. its easy to take for granted the wonderful thinks that happen to us. Thanks for liking my blog. I look forward to more from you πŸ™‚

  19. Your work is thought provoking; that’s a real accomplishment. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish you a life of high adventure and heart felt joy.

  20. I love the purpose behind your blog!!!! I think it is something we all need to adopt in our lives. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my Running Uphill post. This way I could see your blog too!

  21. Thanks for stopping by. Great writing! Your poem “Take it Back” reminded me of life when I was younger. I was the “walking dead.” Better to have a safe heart than one that had been broken again – I thought. I’m thankful to be free now, able to love and be loved. It can be painful at times, but overall it’s worth it.

  22. thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is interesting.. glimpses of life. Really interesting. And yeah… enjoyed reading the ‘purpose section.’ True that there are lots of positive aspects of life. We just need to keep on reminding us of those and sail through life. All the best!

  23. Wow! What variety of posts! I must have read over a dozen of them!

    Like yourself, I am a professional from the Subcontinent working in Doha. As I have just started blogging myself (to publicize the work I will be doing when I return home), I have been checking up on blogs to get some ideas. Yours certainly has given me some!

  24. Hello Sakshivashist. Thanks for stopping in at Gourmet Yummy’s blog. I’ve read some of your poems, they are Terrific! I love it that you are keeping a blog of your memories as well.

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