What monkeys think ;)

Hey, I heard some tourists came up here. Is it true??? Yea yea I can see them. They think we’re antique! HA. 😉 Really? You want a pic of me so badly? Can’t you just look in the mirror and use some “new” “modern” technology of yours and visualize how you would look if you … Continue reading

Squirrels talk too :D

After Monkeys and Geese….now I imagine my squirrels talk 😉 Can you smell them….?? I can smell them…. Can you smell them yet? Yea man… I can smell them too.. But I don’t see them… Do you see them??  No… I don’t see them… But I can feel they’re fast approaching……… O my GOD ! … Continue reading

Overhearing Birds ;)

Well after the first time I attempted dialogue writing for monkeys, I thought I can do it for birds too!! 😀 Lemme know what you think 😉 Pipa : Hey Chika have you seen Mina? Yooohooooo…..Mina…?? Are you down there? C’mon buddy don’t hide, Show up! Chika : Maybe he is playing hide-and-seek with us.. … Continue reading