Unposted Letters : I married your Mom!

Often it happens, what is want to say to someone – remains unsaid. That silence and mum for years builds up in our hearts and minds. Here is a series of “Unposted Letters” which will feature emotions – feelings – thoughts of people who have something to say.

To My Dear Maya

I and your Mom tied a knot
God’s blessings since we got (you)
you walked into life of mine
brought joy to redefine 
giggled with silver shine
my life got new beguiling (charm)
I vowed to your beginning
I will be there for you never bother
fear not my angel I am your father
I will stand by you as mother
fear not my daughter I am your father

love you Maya
place New Delhi date (03.02.2013)
Guest Post by : Raam Iyer

16 thoughts on “Unposted Letters : I married your Mom!

  1. oh how I love that man!!! man! that video almost made me cry is was so sweet. Hadn’t seen it before! Love his music tho~!!!

  2. This is another great one. My only question, has the child? Stop she only thinks. If she can think it, she can answer it and/or understand it.

  3. Very touching poem, something that I have always wanted to do for my daughter too. Even though she is now past her teenage years, she was, is and will always remain my daughter and I can never stop being proud of that fact!!

  4. There is something there to be happy about! It makes for a total remembrance of all things good. I do have problems & they seem to get me into a lot of trouble from analyzing too much. I am very happy that others don’t have this fault.

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