Article in Gulf Times : All that blings is Gold

Gold never goes out of style. It can be worked into nearly any shape, from tiny strands that do not break easily to thin sheets, nearly anyway a jewellery artisan desires.

Gold is bought for a variety of reasons such as for auspicious sentiment, as an investment, hedge against inflation, asset allocation etc. It also carries a high perceived value and an emotional quotient. It reinforces closeness of relationships. Gold coins in smaller denominations are also considered apt for corporate gifting and rewards for contests or for commemorative giveaways.

In betrothal, an important part of the Chinese wedding tradition, four pieces of jewellery including a gold necklace, a pendant, a pair of earrings and a bangle are selected by groom’s mother and presented to the bride. The golden colour symbolises wealth and happiness.

One of the ancient traditions of Western Europe which is still going strong today in the Christian community is the idea of the engagement ring. It was way back in 860 AD that Pope Nicholas I proclaimed that not only was an engagement ring required to seal the agreement to be married, but that the engagement ring must be made of gold.

The making of the ring out of gold signified that the groom was willing to make a financial sacrifice for his new bride-to-be. Since then engagement and marriage ceremonies in the West include a small piece of gold jewellery.

Italian gold jewellery, on the other hand, is synonymous with style and Italy is well known for its yellow gold jewellery and classical designs. Italy is known as the world leader in gold jewellery production for its outstanding technical skills. Gold charm bracelets have a strong presence in Italian gold jewellery.

Everyone likes to make a statement and wear jewellery with a meaning behind it. It is an intelligent way to show one’s history or beliefs. A good example of this is the symbol of an inverted hand, where the hand extended forward is a symbol of divine force. Another example is Celtic jewellery where the Celtic knots can symbolise the eternity of life.

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25 thoughts on “Article in Gulf Times : All that blings is Gold

  1. I find everything that you write is so worth reading my sister! The happiness within you brightly shines through all you share…always leaving me with a pleasurable smile! I so enjoy your articles!

  2. As the pictures show, Indians are REALLY big on gold. Its a status symbol almost and at every social gathering (weddings and other functions), women will bundle themselves up in gold. Personally though I’m not a fan.

  3. Seeing all these pictures reminds me of growing up in the Middle East – every mall there seems to be overflowing with gold jewellery stores and much to my dismay my mother could never resist the urge to ‘browse’!

  4. very interesting and the designs are a bit to bling for me. I like the slick simple look myslef.

  5. I have had two gold things in my life, a Ronson lighter (present) that was lost in the mountains in NZ; and a wedding ring, stolen in Brazil. For me in my later years gold is a useless commodity, I see neither beauty nor reality with it. It leads to greed and corruption, we would be better off without such bling.


    • I agree..the greediness prevails, be it gold or diamond or just bank balance.
      But interesting idea about lighter, I didn’t think of it while writing this story..

  6. since long gold been consider as a best friend for a girl or women, not because it is costly but because it is pure and rare which gives priceless feeling to any women….Just a thought πŸ™‚
    ………………nice collection of pics sweety πŸ˜‰

  7. Gold is quite fascinating. We live with it & nothing is better than gold but never really quite grasp the meaning of it when we give it to our best lover we have & they just stick it in a pawn shop or something because they have it in their possession. There is a total wrong against the person that is being loved. It shows what we do & how truly 1 cares for the other in marriage! Thanks for the great post & have a great time. I am updating my blog with a few add-ons & a reblog to change things up.

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