Unposted Letters : Yours in friendship always.

Often it happens, what is want to say to someone – remains unsaid. That silence and mum for years builds up in our hearts and minds. Here is a series of “Unposted Letters” which will feature emotions – feelings – thoughts of people who have something to say.

Dear Paul,

I agonized over how to tell you this but finally decided, after all we have been through together that I owed you more than an email or phone call.

You know what I am going to say don’t you? I am sorry Paul. I know you well enough to know, you will immediately think “there is someone else!” Yes there is Paul and we both know who it is. It is Charley. I am sorry Paul, he has been wooing me for ages with big promises and I have resisted his offers but last Saturday when he announced he could deliver twice a day even on Sunday, I knew I needed him. I told him “yes.”

Don’t be embarrassed because you could never deliver even though you kept saying you would. I know you wanted to and it wasn’t your fault. The problem is Paul, I am tired. It is a long way up the hill to your place and then back again. That is why I am canceling my Newspaper Subscription with you and transferring it over to Charlies ” News on the Run.” I trust we will remain friends and perhaps if you ever find you are indeed able to deliver you could give me a call.

Yours in friendship always.


Guest post writer : Sharon from GentleStitches.com

27 thoughts on “Unposted Letters : Yours in friendship always.

  1. All I can do is laugh! I thought man . . . this dude can deliver what she needs twice a day! Lucky woman! LOL’s. Then I continued to read and found out it was about a newspaper! LOL’s. Like one reader stated “Nice twist.”

  2. lol….. I must say that it made me remember “dont assume”….. good read….. Like i said previously i like your blogs

  3. I just love a good twist and I adore the ending to this!

    BTW…thanks for stopping in at ‘Where Do I Go From Here?’ and reading my ‘Horse Haiku’ posting. You have quite an eclectic collection of bloggers following this site and I think I’ll hang out for a while and check out some of your other postings.

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