Unposted Letters : To someone I knew years ago…

Often it happens, what is want to say to someone – remains unsaid. That silence and mum for years builds up in our hearts and minds. Here is a series of “Unposted Letters” which will feature emotions – feelings – thoughts of people who have something to say.

To someone I knew years ago…

You pretended to be my friend and to be on my side. But you truly never were!

How naive of me to believe that we, who had nothing in common…not even a song or book we both liked would go on to become life buddies and best friends forever. When I cried, you patted and hugged me but what you were doing is making notes to share with your “other” friends over your Friday drinks. Why couldn’t I ever see through all that? When I replay old scenes doing a slow motion rewind, I realize that there were clear signs which told me to move on and find a new friend. But I did not!

Today, I am much older, it’s been over a decade and a half and we have gone our separate ways. I choose my  friends wisely and these friends and I have stuck with each other during personal moments of grief and in happier times.

I see you on social media, having fun, posting updates and with close to 1000 friends to boast of. It doesn’t bother me that you have not dropped me a line but it does bother me that you laughed at my expense, had conversations poking fun at me and today there is not a hint of recognition when we bumped into each other at the coffee shop?!

 Anyway, I am going to add this so called friendship to my list of experiences that I have collected over the last three decades. There is a lesson that I will teach my young daughter which can be applied to many areas of life and I learnt these life lessons from a friendship (?).

Don’t be afraid to make the hard decisions and don’t beat yourself up…we all live and learn…

– From a more mature human being…

Guest post writer : Aarti Iyer at http://flyingbubbles.wordpress.com/


40 thoughts on “Unposted Letters : To someone I knew years ago…

  1. It is noice to hear that it is somebody he used to know. The female representing man creations. SO I hope they can show more of theri own with public pride in acomplishment now. I know the 1000 friends. All tools simply to let go of and learn from. This shows great progress to me.

  2. Well written, well said…glad for you that you’re moving on…from my 6 decades I’d say, that is the best one can do…thanks for sharing.

  3. Good thing you posted this, it is good to be open and I do believe it helps you to gain perspective and clarity to write it. I know this feeling all too well. Just recently experienced and really all you can do is move on and be wiser in choosing friends but this is a painful lesson when you realize people are not who they seem to be. Love this share!

  4. It’s always interesting to look back and think of what meant something (good or bad) to us but apparently had no bearing on anyone else. sometimes can one feel as though they’re a spectator in their own life. Chin up and look forward!

  5. I had a friend like that too…the wort part is that even today if he needs me I know I’ll be there without giving it a second thought 😦 Nice to know you were strong enough to move forward.

  6. My best friends had a fight, big time…bloodshed everywhere. I tried helping them out, but failed miserably. They both had so much anger for each other that it started to come out. They have both wronged me in the past and I couldn’t shut my mouth and the emotions overflowed. It was not bitching, but a lot of things got highlighted. The atmosphere became even more negative. The 6 months went really well because I got so much attention. I just got them patched, they are happy to reconnect back and I am no longer in the picture. I am so unhappy about it, but then shit happens!!

  7. A very heart-felt post. I relate to it very. I think we’ve all been there at some point in life. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kudos. I could not stop myself from re blogging it on my blog for my friends. Really liked this letter here. Kudos to you for realizing the bitter truth and moving on with time . Needs really strong determination.

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  10. A very well written rejection of false friendship and encouraging others to learn to see when it is time to move in a situation like that. Also great song choice – such a beautiful song about a painful letting go – it always seems so much clearer looking back.

  11. Hi, thank you for following my post:)
    I feel for you in such letter. Yet, i want to commend the works of time for making you realize that the person has those kinds of i ntention. God loves you for making you know it too soon rather than living in the world of such person’s “make believe” for a longer period of time. You’re right, moving on could simply be the best solution…yet, unload what has been heavy before walking through. I suggest that in one of your prayers the soonest, forgive that person and lift up all your hurts to God and decide that you’re no longer carrying such pain in the days to come. — thus,the real sense of “moving on” 🙂

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