retirement plan ready yet?

People make their retirement plans pretty extensively….  

Doing some savings- keeping some unfulfilled dreams- making a bucket list- hoping for them to come true in the final stages of their lives.


I am no different… I have made ’em too.. Although I am too young to make retirement plans- but hard to control one’s mind. 


In fact, my career has not even taken off yet, but I have made some plans… (Who doesn’t) 😉


I want to settle down at a peaceful place- far away from the noises of the city- far away from pollution- far away from senseless chatter of people..


A place where I am woken up by rays of sun and chirping of birds…..


A place where only healthy fresh pure air fills up my lungs…..


A home surrounded by trees and not sky scrapers….


Where people live midst nature, enjoying its gift….


No country specifically- It may be a small town in Norway or Australia… in the Black Hills or in The Alps….


So…do you have a retirement plan yet..?? 

#P.S – these pictures are taken in Simla (otherwise also known as Shimla) – INDIA.

47 thoughts on “retirement plan ready yet?

  1. No plans. Tomorrow everything can change. I don’t think of myself as living in the present, but I seem to be a lot closer to that than most people. I know but few happy retired people. One of them is an artist, who has been doing what he’s doing now for a long time. And another couple with 51 granchildren, they also have the grace of happiness around them. For the rest, as far as I can see, I see nothing but old age misery.

  2. Mine and my husbands plans are to travel all over the U.S., and Canada in a nice RV. We want to end our travels in Alaska and maybe stay there for a few months. I love love love your photos!

  3. In 2008, many people in the USA on the cusp of retirement lost most of their investments. I know of several people who were going to retire at 62 – 65 only to be forced to continue working into their 70’s. It’s easy to think of 40 as a distant future, and of 20-something as too young to start planning your retirement. Yes, the future is uncertain. Yes, you may save for naught, ending up with relatives because the economy crashes or because of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Life is risk. But if you don’t do anything to propel toward the retirement you dream about, you are narrowing your options to life at the mercy of the government, your children or your siblings.

  4. i agree to your views. now thats what i call it goal based planning.
    people fail to do their retirement planning, fail to visualize how do they want to lead their later stage of their life.above post shows how clear is your goal .
    i dont understand why do ppl neglect it . after all y do we struggle so much and work hard?. to make ourselves financially secure and be self dependent and have a peaceful retired life right.

  5. No plans. It is too scary to look ahead, like New Years Eve. I prefer to kiss my kids each night and think phew thank goodness, all safe and well. Then I “retire” for the night!!

  6. Hey great plan, wonderful photos and inspiring! Funnily enough I was just talking with a friend at lunchtime about how I see or view retirement as a change. I think I will still want to be very active and working in some way. maybe not as busy (though my Nana in her eighties is far busier than I am at the tender age of 36!). planning for the future is good. you don’t need to be too precise or hold yourself to something. A plan gives you a focus, a reason to POP the odd penny away toward something you may never do and it helps you focus on living now. making the most of what you have now, that might be dulled by the time retirement comes knocking. Like fitness and health.
    thank you for sharing.

    • Very well put… we don’t need to be precise in planning, after all things are bound to change in a decade or two. And plans constantly evolve, that’s where the fun lies..

  7. Wow beautiful pictures! This is one of the most critical questions to answer for yourself especially if you’re a millenial. Gone are the days of financial security plans our parents and grandparents enjoyed. We need to be more proactive than ever before about saving for retirement. Investing in a checkbook ira is a great way to secure a better future for yourself and your family. Thanks!

    • Gone are the days of financial security plans our parents and grandparents enjoyed.

      I will vouch on that cent percent… We’re living in the generation where we have to make our living ourselves! Depending on past generations is becoming minimal..

  8. Your “retirement dream” is helping me to appreciate where I am now…I taught in schools for 36 years…so the quiet is sometimes difficult for me…I miss the JOY of the students and all that they gifted me with…however, I am learning…We humans are never content…LOL

  9. I’ve heard from so many (including Oprah) that visual boards help you to focus, or simply writing things down, from the most simple to the most important things you strive for in life. I don’t have a road map of how I’m going to do this yet, but I can definitely see myself far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city — with a beach within reach and a lifestyle that is fulfilling and focused on helping others.

  10. Gorgeous pics. I’d love to be there. My retirement is not going as planned. Like my friends say, “My golden years are a bit rusty.” [Gold doesn’t rust, as you probably know.] I’ve taken up writing, especially sticky notes to remind me what I need to do; have lunch with friends, and constantly wonder why the house is never clean.

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