Squirrels talk too :D

After Monkeys and Geese….now I imagine my squirrels talk πŸ˜‰


Can you smell them….?? I can smell them…. Can you smell them yet?


Yea man… I can smell them too.. But I don’t see them… Do you see them??Β 


No… I don’t see them… But I can feel they’re fast approaching………


O my GOD ! They’re HERE…!!! Alert everyone!

P.S :

In near future (April end) I am writing a series of β€œun-posted letters” on my blog and inviting guest posts for the same.

The compilation of this would have letters you never posted…the ones you wrote/wanted to write to your mother/teacher/neighbor/boss/husband/friend/ex but did not.. There is no need for names, you can address them to β€œan inspiring soul” or β€œa long lost friend” or β€œlove of my life”..

Leave a comment in case you’re interested to be a part of this.

45 thoughts on “Squirrels talk too :D

    • Information is only this much. Pour your untold feelings out. for whoever you want. And then, mail me. I’ll post it on my blog, link it with yours, you can re blog then.

  1. it is not letter kind of poem framed like a msg from this poem onward I have stated putting date and place for my each work “To dear maya” msg to my daughter

    • πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ not an awful one!

      and yea..that was the intention for letters- to realize what people hide and why and give them a platform to vent it out πŸ™‚

  2. Your topics and the way you display and write about them is very cool. I would never had thought to write about Squirrels. How great to see and read this post. Thank You for sharing.

  3. I’d like to write a letter, can’t promise it’ll be a great literacy discovery but I’d give it a go πŸ™‚

  4. You may wish to check out Ron DuBour’s SQUIRREL POOL PARTY, either at OUR POETRY CORNER or BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD (RE-BLOGGED). Although, technically, in our country, those are CHIPMUNKS!!! πŸ™‚

  5. These little guys are Chipmunks. I have a family of them who live in my yard. I get them to be quite tame over the Summer to the point that every time I’m tending to my gardens they come out and ‘talk’ to me because they know I keep peanuts in my pocket. A few times I’ve been able to get them to take a peanut from my hand. They shove it in their cheek pouches, scamper off and soon come back for more. Nice work.

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  7. I loved the Chipmunks or squirrels, whatever is appropriate, especially the conversation! I am interested in writing a letter to someone, and the idea sounds superb to me. I will mail you when I decide to whom I want to write. Is that ok?

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