Reaching out through blogs : My article in the leading newspaper of Middle-East

Since I started working as a part-time free-lance writer for Gulf Times, life seems to have taken an exciting new turn..

After the article for working women in Qatar, I have now written about bloggers in Qatar. In this country, blogging is still not considered as a “cool” or beneficial way of social interaction and with my article I try to clear those myths and misconceptions.

Read it here –

Although Gulf Times did not include photos of all the amazing bloggers I got in touch with, I will attach their photos here as a token of thanks for their contribution.

Alex Klim Andre Snoxall Colleen Morgan Constance Citalan (2) Constance Citalan Dan Adams Gustav Hooriya Hussain Irena Nailya Bentley SteffAJERachelRaquel Citalan Photo by Alex Klim 1 Photo by Alex Klim 2 Photo by Alex Klim photo by Andre Snoxall 1 photo by Andre Snoxall 2 photo by Colleen Morgan 1 photo by Colleen Morgan 2 photo by Colleen Morgan photo by Constance Citalan photo by Dan Adams photo by Irena photo by Nailya Bentley Photo by Rachel - Lamps The Souq

# all photos belong to the rightful owners

69 thoughts on “Reaching out through blogs : My article in the leading newspaper of Middle-East

  1. Congratulations! Sounds like a very exciting opportunity. I also write about Middle East and I really enjoyed your article on bloggers in Qatar. Very original piece of writing.

    • Link me to few of your article about middle east. My editors asks me inputs on what should we write next, and considering the political-social-cultural scenario in Gulf, the options are sometimes limited.

      And thank you for liking the article. It means a lot!

  2. If you’ve secured a definite position with the gulf-times or a couple more articles you will do fine for certain! I’m honored to have met you just last week before this has happened! Too bad I don’t have any travel pictures or anything exciting going on yet in my life to have entertained a jockeying position in the photo’s that you would’ve liked for the Gulf Times to print out on the article (chuckles). I will get there 😀
    In the meantime, keep in contact and keep striving towards your goals!

    • Gulf Times pays well, but not secured me into a permanent position because I am not a full-time writer, it is not my career or profession Writing is a hobby and I keep it part time…

      And if anytime you feel you have interesting topics/photos that can be cover stories of Gulf Times, just drop a message somewhere, it will reach me! 🙂

      • I understand entirely, it’s unfortunate that great writers aren’t offered a full time income or a decent salary to match the cost of living nowadays. I’ve google chatted you once before but I do not know if you’ve ever received the message or not.

        I will definitely keep that in mind for you and send you anything i think will be of interest, however I would like to get to know you more so I can send you things that lean more towards your strengths as a writer, primarily topics that are of interest to you.

  3. Hi Sakshi, I really enjoyed your article! It was great to read about some of the other Bloggers in Qatar and I love all the pictures on here- a great touch! Your article on women’s day was also interesting, keep up the good work! I will be following your Blogs and Articles from now on. Do get in touch if you ever want to write a Guest Blog on FQB.

    Rachel 🙂

  4. Amazing, I am so very happy for you, that is a wonderful milestone accomplishment and many more shall come, because you are so deserving because of your self-less spirit my sister. Your blessing is also our blessing, as we will always send you our love to help empower you in all that you do! We are part of the same living vine, so we live and breathe together as one always. God bless and much love to you always Sakshi!!!!

  5. My blessings to you, for your daring supports in my blogging efforts too, my dear daughter Sakshi. The best accolades are yet to come to you. God bless you child!

  6. Your writings/posts are always wonderful and brave. I love the pictures included in this also. 😀

  7. that’s so cool. is blogging something that the government disapproves of, or have the people just not started using this tool? either way, I think that if more people in the middle east blog about their experiences, there will be more transparency and it’ll give the citizenry more visibility

    • it is not banned per say. its just not as famous.
      maybe its the age of one-liner tweets or FB status messages. If people have to write 250-300 words on a topic, they don’y like the idea of it.

      That the main reason I feel blogging here is not so much famous.

  8. Nice… it is always great to interact with people though blogs. That pic with the couple at corniche reminded me of Al Mamzar Corniche (Dubai) and Sharjah Corniche….. one of the best places on earth so far for me..

  9. Thank you for liking my post. I am enjoying your blog posts. I never knew anyone in Qatar. Since I began my first blog last month, I now know two. How my world has grown!

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