How do we learn?

Answer is simple. We learn from our mistakes.

learn from mistakes

We may conclude- “All is well that ends well” or even before it “ends well”, we start introspecting. Questions like, “Where did I went wrong? What could have been done differently?”.

But the moral of the story is not generally so straight forward. We do not conclude that these were the reasons of our success. Rather we learn – these were the reasons which were stopping me from being successful.


Many would agree the idea of success is a controversial one.

Some say success is achieving your goals and living your dreams. Others may argue, taking the non-convention path and making your own unique story takes you to success.

Regardless of which path we take, it is rare that success comes along easy. People say that do what you love and then dots will connect automatically. People tend to over-believe in whole concept of “connecting the dots”. You create your own fate and its your hard-work which will pay you back, not some super-natural force.


Even Steve jobs himself, who supposedly coined this phrase of ‘connecting the dots’, he did not leave the university, but instead stayed there as a drop-out and worked hard. Its his efforts which fetched him the success and in turn “connected the dots”.

Unlike the courses and syllabus we learn in high school, learning from real life experiences is not that difficult. We have no pressure to mug up instances as to what to do when, it comes naturally, instinctively. Like “C” comes after “B”. If we face a situation once again, we’ll know ‘what not to do’ and most of the times that will pay off.

So maybe, we can start taking risks – calculated risks. Take up a new job, make a new investment, pick up a new hobby, start stopping by at different supermarket or buy a different brand of a product. At the max what can happen – we will be wrong. So at least we’ll know this was wrong. We won’t regret that we never tried it.

Imagine what would be today’s world if Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg had not dropped their normal course of life and taken up this one. They took a risk, they must have made mistakes, but they never hesitated in burning the night oil, they never hesitated in changing themselves whenever required and most importantly, they had a dream on which they never gave up.

History is full of instances, where people made mistakes, but rolled up their sleeves and learnt from them.

It’s time we do too.


60 thoughts on “Art-of-Learning

  1. Thanks! Very inspiring words. I am going through a major change in life so your post helped to remind me what things I need to continually focus on in order to be successful 🙂

  2. Inspiring. It makes one take a hard look at one’s life in retrospect and feel glad about all the mistakes made. They were just stepping stones to a better and learned life.
    This article gives a much needed push to make us go out there and tough the sky without being scared of falling.

  3. I always knew that. Make mistakes and keep learning. Years later, you can share this as ‘your experience’ with your children. However, let them make their own.

  4. Nice encouraging thoughts. Unfortunately people responsible for human lives (politicians for example) use the same words as excuses for their “mistakes”. (calculated risk, plan fell through, etc)

  5. I love the way you present this from different angles and in different voices. For me, mistakes and success are the same thing; they are noticeable events along the path of our life. The ones we are proud of, we label success, the others, mistakes or failure. If we avoid creating noticeable events in our life we will neither fail nor succeed. And neither will we have lived.

    • Truly said… If we avoid creating noticeable events in our life we will neither fail nor succeed. And neither will we have lived.

      I can write heaps on just these two lines!

  6. yes . Life keeps pushing u and says “look i got something for u to learn” each day. if u learn the lesson .. well and good. else life keeps on pushing u.
    remember A mistake is only a mistake if you repeat it
    mistakes offer u an opportunity to overcome ur fears , take good decisions and help is personal growth

  7. I especially liked “You create your own fate and its your hard-work which will pay you back, not some super-natural force.”

    Nice post 🙂

  8. That was really inspirational! 🙂 Personally, I think life is really simple, but our way of looking at it makes everything more confusing. I admit I need to work on learning from my mistakes and, more importantly, taking risks. Thank you for the great post!

  9. Wow! I love the positivity springing out from the page!
    My mantra is to go out there and keep a count of your “mistakes”, the more you make them, the closer you reach your goal.
    Most important message I got from all my success Mentors: its the journey that matters, far more than the destination!
    I absolutely connected from the very first statement you made on this post!

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  12. Reblogged this on Just Write Away and commented:
    On mistakes, people often say that what’s done is done, there’s no way you can turn back the clock to undo the mistakes, so you just try to move forward, learn from them not to make the same mistakes again. Yet, there’s always a small regret inside your heart that makes it hard to forget, and people just want to forget their mistakes. I just hope it won’t serve as our punishment…

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