They are either seen
1. With closed eyes
2. With open eyes (more commonly known as day dreaming)
3. With open eyes and a vision of practicality

I would be lying if I say I did not dream in all the three categories. 

Well firstly, the dreams with closed eyes are involuntary. So it is not in my hands to control dreaming. And more often than usual, I forgot those. A few may count Deja Vu somewhere between dreams and reality.

The second category of daydreaming is vastly famous in all mankind. Yes, the female clan have all dreamt about the victory speech after winning a beauty pageant. For more dorky types, maybe the Nobel Prize acceptance speech. For the creative ones, an Oscar or National Award. And for men, or in general, a speech after a token of appreciation is presented. Or after the girl they like says “Yes” 😉

So there is no hiding in that, this category of dreams are for fun only. To let our imaginations run wild. To bring a famous personality in conversation with us. Or to merely imagine how world would have been different if I did not do this, or if I did that. Basically, imagine all the routes not taken, all the journeys not done, all the accomplishments not achieved. We get them here. Dreaming with open eyes.

Then again, there is the last category. A more serious one. They’re more like interview questions. Where do you see yourself down the land in 3 yrs. Or do you see yourself as a manager of this company. Or what are your short and long-term goals. 
These all, we see with a practicality. Unless we belong to age group of 5-15. Because for them, even the “serious” dreams include lists like I want to be a teacher/doctor/engineer/pilot. Those are imbibed in us due to our surroundings, peers and family.

These tender dreams we see at such a young age, evolve. Till they no longer even resemble their roots. An exception maybe, if X wanted to be a teacher, and he did masters in technology which basically qualifies him as an engineer but also opens a teaching opportunity, thus fulfilling his dream. *applause*

Others nurture their dreams, make them more relevant to the present and reality, and work upon them step by step. Many achieve it, eventually. Others, obviously we haven’t heard about them, since they dint achieve anything.

What comes in between our dreams becoming reality depends on numerous factors. Firstly, its feasibility. Secondly, availability of required inputs. And thirdly, time frame.

For instance, I have a dream to build an orphanage, I should first make sure its a feasible project. No I don’t want to start with 200 people at once. Only people like Diya Mirza, who have a star power and people employed under her to do the work, can dream so big. I dream only with ten people. Next is, the resources. Money, food, shelters, clothes for them. Plus their education allowance/ arrangement for job. To be at a stage where I can support ten people, I should first be at that stage. Which brings us to the third point. Time frame. I do not expect myself to win a lottery and start this venture. It will be my hard-earned money, which comes with time. So keeping a time frame of 20 years is a safe bet. Not to forget, by then I will be supporting my kin as well as my elders.

The most essential part of this dreaming is its vision, since that’s the only substance separating dreaming with open-eyed dreaming.

For example, I also have a dream to publish a book in next 5-8 years. But I really don’t know how to begin, what to write, which style to write in, which language to follow. The more I give it a thought, the more confused I get. Should I go into newspaper first, became an editor, or just proceed with my content and approach a publisher. Where to find a publisher, will my qualifications matter, will my book even sell? I have a dream, but not that strong a vision. But I am not giving up on it. Not yet. Not till I have tried at least.

I hope all the people, who deep inside their hearts want it, achieve it. Maybe we all might not live to see our success, but I am sure Einstein, Shakespeare and Mother Teresa are sitting up there in heaven, smiling away to glory.

Dreaming is important. Its the fist step into achieving. As they say, well begun is half done. 

Quotable Quotes :

Dreams 1 dreams 2 dreams 3dreams 5 dreams 4


99 thoughts on “D.R.E.A.M.S

  1. i have never heard the ‘well begun is half done’. that is so awesome. seriously. dreams do change faces as we grow up and get older and life changes…… i have been trying to re-discover some, though my first and foremost dreams are for my boys – may they be healthy, happy and realize their dreams. i will find others – someday. great post!

  2. @sakshi:
    i seriously like the topics u choose.Liked the blog as well. however i would certainly put-forth my views

    the last category , more than the dream i Probably coin the term as “envision”.
    i heard someone say. dreams are not those which appears when you are asleep. they are those which wont let you sleep(until you accomplish ur visions)

    well the 1st category . yes we dont have control over it. it might be due to some fear / expectation / discontinued thoughts which resides somewhere in the subconcious.

    • well pointed out – it is most certainly envision.
      but when I write for the masses and to categorize something to tell my opinion, I use just a simple term like – dream.

  3. Good subject! As for the book you want to write, I say forget about finding a publisher, be self-published, it’s easier!

  4. Bravo! Dreams, of course, are utterly experiential; it is when essence free of false personality gets to breathe, create, play, explore and enrich the experience of being essence focussed in a human experience. Dreams are the start of each day, they do not come at the end of it; their inspiration affords one the ability to awaken and appreciate the richness of detail and stimuli in the waking state, among other things… Dreams also, when seen as the start of each day, allow you to perceive beyond façades, beyond the veil and see through to the spirit within everyone when fully focussed in the waking state… Dreaming is the greatest pleasure for dreams are magical!

  5. what an interesting article, Sakshi. I read it to the fullest, not skimming–not scanning. It is verrrry perceptive, and this is what I think. As skilled a writer as you are, just let that which moves you the most spiritually and emotionally be your guide to start your book. In my own experience, a double tragedy led me to the keys, and through 5 years of writing and re-writing that novel…

    You are going to do great–even better than you can believe!

  6. an interesting and insightful look at dreams. you have a great way of explaining things, and that dreams are possible! we have to have the vision, the resources, and the time frame. thanks for checking out my blog post!

  7. This is an interesting article. You could have included ‘NIGHTMARES’ too wherein people are plagued with. And you are even now ripe to write a book and self-publish and need not wait for many more years. As a modern young writer of great social awareness, you can write a book on ‘Anxiety Neurosis and how to remain composed’ to the youth who are living in troubled waters, than we sexagenarians lived when we were young.

  8. To be successful have the ability to Dream, And then work on your dream with so much dedication that even the divine is forced to shape your dream into a wonderful reality.
    Best Wishes.

  9. Your perspective on dreams is not only insightful but also wise. How often do folks get tangled up becasue thye just don’t have that wisdom? Moving your dream to reality is the discipline intentional part. Keep on toward the goal of writing your book; write even today!

  10. Have never heard the well begun quote, but it is so true. Your writings on dreaming make me realize that as I have aged I have quit dreaming. Time to start anew.
    Thanks for finding my blog so that I could find you. Please visit my other blog: realismredefined.wordpress.com. You might like it, too.

  11. hey Sakshi. Your D.R.E.A.M.S is worth WOW…!!! most of them are similar to my dreams, specially that problem of book publishing. well i want to open a library containing books for all the children who are in need for free. thats mind blowing i also have a mind set of 20 odd years to earn such money…..!!! amazing… 🙂

    • have you read about the story of Crosswords? Its interesting!
      and even I wanted to open a public library sort…for people to exchange their books and read as much as they can. And like you, even that dream of mine is shelved for a long span until future 😀

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  13. As you say dreams have always played a role in the development of all humans as well as individuals. I wish you success in your fulfilling your dreams.

    Your quotes on dreams are really quite nice. I like the Disney quote because for another creative writing prompt I took my love for Disney’s Pinocchio and penned this, which you might enjoy:

    Thank you for your visits.

  14. I love our parallel thinking! The dreaming stage is really one of the most fun of the process! Enjoy your dreams!

  15. Ah yes, the practicality of dreams!!! without them none of us would evolve and grow! What is a small dream? is there such a thing? To the mouse, the house is big! Thank you for your words, our wishes and your dreams!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

    A great subject and valuable “musings” 🙂 … Your post reminded me of one of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe quotes (from “Eleonora”): “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” Not exactly what you are getting at with dreaming and doing, but still related, I think!

  17. You have such a beautiful spirit. I really enjoyed reading this post not just because of the content but because of the loveliness of your soul really came across. You have such a pure heart, I was really moved by your dreams. Good luck! I hope you achieve them 🙂

  18. I am leaving this comment just to remind me to read this later… I have gotten only 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 so it is time now to go play ketchup

      • Yes, now that I have read it I would like to make a few points.
        1) write your dreams down. Never forget them. the more that you become intimate with them the more they will evolve into vivid visions for you. this is the process they call dream jouurnaling, look it up.
        2) feasibility and resources are necessary for us to achieve our goals…however you are being too lenient on ourself in regards to the time frame. put a cap of ten years on this, so that the strides you make towards your goals will be that much larger. in a 20 year time frame, the world could be an orphange..and still even so in 10..
        3) writing down your goals is the only way to bring them into reality, and thus something happens in our brains… we begin to see it, read it, and start thinking about ways that we can begin to achieve them in the shortest amount of time possible. In regards to writing the book, you are asking a lot of questions that I myself have asked way too often… I dream of becoming a published author, and have submitted work on my undergraduate campus time and time again and have yet to be recognized and rewarded with a publication space. It hurts, for I know or at the very least believe that I am a much better prose writer, and have a far deeper subject matter than most others; however, I am only going to use this for fuel towards all of my next projects. It isn’t about will your book sell or which publisher to find, becaause the publilsher will find you the majority of the time… from all the success stories I’ve read and biographies, etc. the publication game is a game of chance and probability, let alone as all things are in this world it feeds off your social network “who you know, how you know him/her, what your relationship is with him/her, etc.” We as writers, and this holds true for all artists, can only worry about the tasks and responsibilities that we have taken upon ourself, which is to write, revise, edit, write, revise, edit. Our writing, our pieces, our work, whatever you prefer to call your writing, is your product, and it is your devout duty as a writer, to make sure your product is to the highest quality that YOU desire it to be. everything else will fall into place.

      • I’m glad you believe so! Haha, I hope that’s a positive influence on us getting to talk more privately. I have a lot to share, and I’m looking forward to learning from you as well!

  19. A dream always stays a dream—but give your dream a deadline and it becomes an achievable goal.

    Go get ’em, Tiger~!

  20. Thank you for writing about your dreams! As Camara said: “When we are dreaming alone it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality.”
    Keep on dreaming (in all categories) and keep on writing about it, so the book of your dream’s collection can grow! 😉
    The beginning is now…

  21. Thanks for dropping by my blog! 🙂

    You seem to have a very succesful and popular blog here.

    One of my favourite quotes was attributed to Einstein – “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”.

    As for your Dreams… by making them ‘realistic’ – what you CURRENTLY think you can believe is ‘possible’ – denies what might be possible if you let your Dreams RUN – let the future and the Universe take care of the little detail – keep in mind only the BIG Picture. Take the necessary small steps that will help your dream become real – start writing so as to be a better writer when writing your book; start doing the little things you will be doing when you open your 200 child orphanage; etc,etc Start Now! 🙂 You have the abundant resources of the Universe at your complete disposal to achieve whatever vision, whatever dream you can conceive of

    Have the Dream and let the Universe work it’s magic.

  22. Shakshi, Thank you for your earlier visit and like at the3rdletterblog. You have a beautiful blog – in it I discern the union of a spiritual soul with the disciplined mind of an engineer. As I am writing my first book (self-published, manuscript with editor), I have a few brief thoughts for you. Chiefly, write about something you know and that interests you. For example, I could see you writing something like “Engineering Your Dreams: Making Your Vision Your Reality.” Or “Engineering the Spiritual Existence.” I don’t know of anyone who has ever thought to take an engineering approach to spirituality. As for writing a book, if you go about it properly, what your are in essence doing is engineering the context within which the spiritual / creative writing process takes place. My experience in writing my book mirrors your post to some degree of abstraction. Drop me an email at the3rdletterbooks@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss. Cheers, S.

    • I have saved your e-mail id…as soon as I figure out exactly what I want write 300 pages about, I will definitely drop you an email. and those two topics you suggested are really thought provoking!! thank you so so much! and all the best wit your book…

      • A further thought or two. I’ve wanted to write a major work since college. I am finally doing it at age 47. It’s not that I procrastinated, nor that I abandoned my dream. It’s more that I needed to experience enough of life, both good and not so good, before I had accumulated enough life experience to have something meaningful to say. My first two test readers report being unable to put the manuscript down, so to speak. Good things come to those who wait. Best of luck, S.

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