Alert : you’ve got mail.

mail box

Dear you,

I saw what you did there. And I saw you thought about me too.

And yet you chose to ignore me.

Now you think you can ignore me? Can you? Oh well, give it a try.

You thought it will be so easy to forget what you did there, you didn’t realize – I see what you see. In fact, I see things you choose to ignore. But guess what, unlike you, I don’t pretend to forget things.

Even the other day when Bob asked you to help him move his furniture, you said you and Sheila had a dinner night with her parents. And you were just sitting and watching “Mad Men” on your laptop. Well played, huh?

And you remember the time Sheila asked you to get dinner, because she was running late. You told her you are eating out with colleagues, while it was just you and Phill and some pep talk.

And let me remind you how you gave an excuse to bail out of parent-teacher meeting at Sam’s school. Not to forget the late night bar visits when you tall home you’re working late.

Well, let me tell you, I remember all that. And all that will turn around one day to bite you from behind. That time don’t cry out to me.

Actually I know you will cry out to me. And guess what I will tell you that time, “you deserved it”.

Yours faithfully,


mail box

36 thoughts on “Alert : you’ve got mail.

    • hmm – are you sure that your conscience is not just guilt? and when should you feel guilty? Selfishness or time for yourself and not for others? Think about what and who you should really please – and it is not always others.
      thanks for visiting my blog by the way. Do come again and I’d love to hear some thoughts from you.

  1. I understand well the effects of a guilty conscience. But sometimes one just needs to forgive and let go. I don’t know whether the conscience is yours, or someone else’s, sakshivashist, but it actually is important to let go of negative emotions and feelings of betrayal. A man once told me of a story, where a farmer spent all of his hard work and energy tending his crops. But then, by a cruel twist of fate, half the crops were stricken by disease. Half of the rest were burned down by vandals, half were eaten by locusts, and half were withered due to drought. In the end, the farmer had no food, and was starving.

    If he had planted new seeds, then he would have survived. But instead, the farmer built a monument to the fallen crops, and declared the soil holy. In remembrance of the crops he had lost, he decided he would never plant anything on that land again. He did not own any other land, and so he died of starvation.

    Sometimes, when life destroys your crops, you have to sow new seeds.

  2. Oh, and I’d like to apologize. The reason for my visit was to thank you for your like! Haha, I’m sorry if I came off as rude. I want to thank you for visiting my website, sakshivashist. I like this blog you have, so I’ll be following it. Keep up the good work! 😀

    • well abt the story i would say poor planning by farmer and he gave up very soon.
      may be if he had thought abt rectification f his mistakes in growing crops he would have changed some startegy next time.

      all sakshi mean to say is be true to urself.
      cheers 🙂

  3. The wide open community – out there – is for every one of us. As to hear the voice of each, with compassion – and nothing else. But the pain, and disappointments of the one’s – at one point – perhaps is to be released. Like – just let it go! While standing up, from the fall, and do keep trying again – to love.

  4. Hey! I just want to say thank you for leaving a like in my post.
    It seems we went through similar moment lately. 🙂

  5. Interesting. No one ‘Truly’ knows much about the Conscience….like, where is it; from whence it came; how is works; but it’s ‘keenly’ tied to that larger enigma: Consciousness.
    Nice Write, here.

  6. Good Mornimg! I was really intrigued by your About page so I popped on over to your posts. I love this post about conscience. What a creative perspective! Looming forward to reading more. Thanks for connecting!!

  7. I liked your personification of Conscience; after all, our conscience is our Self. You and I can be grateful that we hear our conscience and have not worked hard to quell its voice, calling us to love and do better. Thank you for sharing this.

    You might also enjoy another blog I have (although I don’t post as much there anymore) called “Texas Tom’s Ramblings and Ruminations” where I post various meditations, essays, and poetry I’ve written. Feel free to visit it:



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