Are you one amongst them?

are you one amongst themOften, we make choices; a few unsure ones too.

The ones we don’t know where it leads to.

The ones which may be deciding a course of our lives. Or may turn our careers in 180 degrees.

The ones we later – either boast or regret.


But my question is, are you one amongst them? Are you in the rat race? Did you take the road less traveled? Or are you aping someone else’s decisions too? Or someone else making your decisions?

Population status of this planet is soaring as I type this, what I wonder is, am I one in a million or just, you know, one in a million?

How do you know? How do I know?

Then I think of our unsung heroes, the ones who died fighting for a cause, the ones who did not get the media/critic acclaim. Or the ones who got an Oscar/Nobel Prize after their death. Weren’t they one in a million? 

What parameter judges our performance? How do we really stand out? If 10,000 people know what we do? Or If we do what those 10,000 people want/expect us to do?


Million dollar question. 

Are you one in a million? Or just someone in the crowd who will die in nonentity?

32 thoughts on “Are you one amongst them?

  1. Waiting at an airport can definitely fuel contemplative thoughts such as these!
    If you are being true to you then of course you will naturally be one in a million because never before, nor never again, will the world ever know a you.

  2. When you see people mocking you for your beliefs, when you know they label you as an outcast, when you smile back at the world full of sheep following the leader, when you know in spite of all the problems that the world poses in front of you, you still enjoy swimming against the tide – you know you are different from the rest.

    When you know the way you dress, talk, walk and interact with others is your own and its gives you immense pleasure; when you see among 100 cars in a parking lot your car stands out coz the way you have parked or by the color of car you drive, you know you are different.

    When you do not follow the societal norm yet the person you love goes head over heals in your love, you will know you are the own who dares to be one in a million. and not part of the million !

  3. Everyone is one of a kind whether we get an award of recognition or not. No matter how insignificant we may feel, each of us has something that no one else on the planet has to offer. Wherever we decide to go or whatever we decide to do, it will be the right decision because we will be bringing that something special we have to offer with us. Just be brave!

  4. I really enjoyed ready this – really gets you thinking. I think these days being weird and unconventional is now normal. Does that mean that different is the new normal and normal is the new different?

  5. My kids make me feel like I am 1 in a million 🙂
    And I think that is what it takes. We don’t need to achieve greatness, just little moments of greatness in the eyes of people that matter.

  6. very thought Provoking blog.
    infact believe in ur decisions and take a little risk. and with blend of ur confidence and convictions you would definitely you will be 1 in a million..
    good luck..

  7. What parameter judges our performance? How do we really stand out? If 10,000 people know what we do? Or If we do what those 10,000 people want/expect us to do? – Liked these lines.. Really justify one’s goal in life!

  8. Over two years I’ve been running my blog with very little attention coming my way. So I often ponder such a question. Not that I’m complaining too much 🙂

  9. I am my own – though I have run many ‘rat’ races. I think I am more known for or as my nom-de-plume than for myself. But all parts make up the whole. And I am happy.

  10. As my Mother told me I am a one in a million and I teach my children that they each have a special gift to be shared with the world, some have more than others, yet we all have at least one, some get lost on their journey. We all come into the world fresh and pure and full of light finding our true self and taking the right path is the challenge…love this piece

  11. Very deep and interesting thoughts, provoking some good quality comments too. This is a subject that I contemplate from time to time and one that I saw in the story of the recent film Cloud Atlas.

    Often in life I have disagreed with the mainstream of life and yet have lived a relatively conventional life, though with a very varied career. At 50 I no longer believe that there is a right way for everyone to live their life, like sheep or cattle, herded and farmed.

    Many are happy live that life, but those that choose to do things their own way can change things for everyone, through inspirational actions, art, music, writing, etc. If that is you then follow your heart and inspirational desires, or find a way to blend both paths into one, some conventional and some inspirational. 🙂

  12. This is a great post, I so agree with the way you are thinking, I think a lot about these things. I can relate to this issue; I think that humans are not meant to do great things the way they think they are. I think originally, we were supposed to do like the other animals on the planet, and just exist. But since we didn’t, since somebody invented evil, there is this Universal need for heroes. The perceived pressure upon the individual to become a hero is what turns many away from the fact that “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” (that’s a Quote from somebody in history,)
    So we all can be heroes, and do important things, if we just do our small parts to not hurt the world. And then if everybody did this, the world could be saved, or wouldn’t need saving.
    But going down in history seems irrelevant to me. There are so many incredible people who have passed away, so many creatures and personalities, trees and flowers which we cannot preserve, cannot access. The world is about the now, and being concerned about saving the world makes you one in a billion.
    All you need to do is actively care. Do not buy plastic, do not litter. Or any little thing, one small step is all you need to be incredible and important. By not littering you save the lives of countless wild creatures, and you can feel so good about that. The average person eats 780 chickens in their lifetime; that means that if you could eat half as much chicken as you do now, you could save 390 lives. How easy that would be. It is mind boggling how powerful the average human is. We have the power to take control of the world we live in, and really be one in a million, or a trillion. But the society does not want us to realise this. The world is trying to make everybody fit into the modern existence to make no difference, to simply consume and then expire. And I , like you, find that frightening.
    We all must be important, mustn’t we? Like you say, aren’t we all one in a million?

    This was a really provocative post, thank you very much.
    It has made me talk a lot, sorry 😀

  13. The fact that you can ask the question already gives you the answer. A falcon does not distinguish the difference between the arm of a tree or the arm of a king. A falcon is and that seems pretty special.

  14. Being the young, perhaps naive 16 year old that I am, I still have visions of greatness for myself in the future. I hope to be a journalist, and hell, maybe even go report news from a warzone in the Middle East. I refuse to die in anonymity. Before I go, I want to get the attention of at least twenty thousand people with my opinions and actions.
    A scary question I’ve been mulling over for a while now is, for the people who strive for success so vivaciously, would they rather die unknown or infamous? I figure this is how a criminal would justify his actions at one point.
    Anyway, great blog post, got me thinking 🙂

  15. Well, every one is unique and there no inherent need to prove that since that is the truth. We know. The identification of self demands and reflects around us in new colors of highlights or bottoms or tops or hair or color etc.

    There is no way to make one better then the other as this will be a point of view only. The one who is at peace with him/herself may be worth trying.

  16. To me true happyness is in the eye of the beholder. Look to your own strengths use them in this world and the rest will come. So keep using your unique voice it’s unique and creative!

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