I feel bad for villains.

“The Joker” 
Brad Pitt of Fight Club
Christoph Waltz of Inglorious Basterds
John Milton-Al Pacino of The Devil’s Advocate
Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter 
Gabbar Singh of Sholay
Mogambo of Mr India
Kabir of Dhoom
Jaikant Shikre of Singham
Kay Kay Menon of Sarkar

All were handsome-charming-bad-boys of their movies and you would agree its cuz of their roles that the movies fared so well on the box office.

I noted the following things-

1. It’s because of these villains the heroes looked so good.

2. They acted equally well or sometimes better than our beloved heroes who had to romance the heroines and impress the audience with cheesy dialogues and flirting.

3. They never get the heroine in the end. Hmph.

4. They generally have to die brutally and the hero becomes the goody goody boy everyone admires.

5. It seems, the dark character of the villain attracts more fan following now-a-days. Why? *self questioning too*

6. The villain has to get beaten up and/or accept defeat. Not fair. He worked equally hard to come all the way to end of the movie, and then finally hero is the winner. Why? Why can’t they let the villains win?

harry potter

So, I am sorry people, I like the heroes. They are our “heroes” after all, but I feel bad for the villains. They’re so good. They’re hardworking. They make the essence of a “hero”. A hero won’t be a hero if there was no villain.

Ain’t I right?


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  1. You should watch Megamind. SUCH a cute movie and it kind of also addresses what you were talking about here.
    About villians making superheroes what they are, I feel the same about the “dumb/popular” kids at school. I figured a long time ago that I myself wouldn’t be a special little individual if it weren’t for them acting the same as one another. Muahaha.

  2. I think the reason why more people like the villains more nowadays is because we see the horrible past of the villains (Voldemort as an orphan, The Joker being abused by his father,…) and we sympathize with them,or even see ourselves in them.
    Although most heroes also have a terrible past, spiderman (and almost all of the Marvel comics heroes) for example, who had to grow up without his parents and is bullied at school.

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