Levels of excitement

This post will start with a journey through pictures in order to reveal the different levels of excitement buid up in me; courtesy my blogs sakshivashist.wordpress.com and cruisingthroughmylife.wordpress.com

5 likes SV 5 likes C 10 likes SV 10 likes C

5 follows SV 10 follows SV 20 follows SV 5 follows C

20 likes SV 20 likes C 50 likes SV 50 likes C 100 likes SV 100 likes C 50 follows SV 50 follows C 200 likes SV 200 likes C 100 follows SV 200 follows SV 100 follows C 200 follows C 500 likes C500 likes SV 500 follows C 1000 likes SV

Yes…I was absolutely out of words and speechless after I got my “1000 total likes” star, that I decided to print_screen all the previous accolades and copy paste them after editing- upload them here and then it finally started to sink in.


I mean, seriously, till an year back I was saying to myself- who has time and patience to blog. And now I don’t miss out on replying to even one comment. It is now a habit to check for pending comments and reply to them before 3 days (at the max).

And I have 2 freaking blogs!!!! Its a double trouble – as I say to my friends. 😉

But yes, apart from becoming an ardent fan of blogging, I have started pursuing others to start blogging too. 😀

Thank you all the people out there who ever visited my blog- or passed by it by just clicking on a “Follow” or “Like” button. It gives me a reason to wake up in the morning and gives me a reason to sleep at night.

I can tell, many people clicked on “Like” without even reading my poetry or understanding it or connecting with my random musings, but I sincerely feel it gives me a boost to reach out to more people, write of more worthy things, make memories and be more expressive and yet never run out on things to talk about. 😉

That is all. I rest my case.



65 thoughts on “Levels of excitement

  1. On a figure skating forum I follow if I type in :cheer2: up comes an emoticon of a smiling face with two skinny arms waving cheer-leaders pom poms. That’s for you! :cheer2:

  2. Congrats! This should make you feel good! What an awesome accomplishment! My numbers are so small, but I love and honor each one of my followers and appreciate all my likes!! I have enjoyed following you!! ~ Jen

  3. Congratulations 🙂 And you do deserve the appreciations that have come about from fellow bloggers. Stay honest, stay humble 😉

  4. Congratulations, how great! You have a fantastic blog from what I can see! I will follow you as you keep achieving! This post inspires me to keep on trying, because maybe one day I’ll be in the same position! -Kacie

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog – here I am and there I go to your other blog….And then back to here –
    I’ve viewed, I’ve read, I pondered upon my childhood swing –
    I “Liked”, I “Followed” –
    So glad you found me so I could find you!
    (Above is NOT an attempt at poetry – it just looks like it because of line breaks! :>)

  6. Hi. Loved reading this post. I am as happy as a kid whose teacher gives them a star when I get one. Your a very generous blogger, delighted for you.

  7. You are so very deserving my sister, as you are always a blessing to me. Your words always are so embracing for us all and your heart’s smile so contagiously wonderful…within the power in your words we are allowed to take a walk in your thoughts and that makes for many wonderful days! I am not trying to flatter you, for it is true…you are a gifted gem…greatly loved…God bless always Sakshi!

    • The diamond is in the process of being polished, if I may say! Hehe..
      Thank you for your precious time to come and congratulate me, and bless me!! Remain forever poetic and fortunate to be with loved ones..

  8. I completely understand your excitement – I’ve just started blogging and I’m an ADDICT! It’s such a great way to connect with people and it makes the world seem a little nicer 🙂

  9. I have only been blogging for about a week and your like on my most recent blog entry, gave me my first milestone of five likes. I know its not much but maybe eventually I’ll look back on all my milestones and remember this moment!

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