What monkeys think ;)


Hey, I heard some tourists came up here. Is it true???


Yea yea I can see them. They think we’re antique! HA. 😉


Really? You want a pic of me so badly? Can’t you just look in the mirror and use some “new” “modern” technology of yours and visualize how you would look if you were born say, a billion years ago?


Okay, don’t be so mean to them. They’re all our brothers. They even got us some food. Winters are approaching; it would be good to add all that to our stock.


Fine! We’ll be nice to them. But, hey, I am not doing any monkey dance for them. A picture is the max I can offer and that is how far I am going for that last banana.


Did you say it was the LAST banana????? 😐


19 thoughts on “What monkeys think ;)

  1. Love this post, Sakshi! Being a monkey myself (1980) and living in Thailand for many years, I have an affection for these cute and mischievous animals, too :). You’re a great monkey mind reader.

  2. So relieved to find someone else that can’t help themselves in putting captions to pics of wildlife – – –
    Awesome pics and fan-tabulous captions! Brightened my afternoon

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