Certain memories are etched in your mind. Aren’t they?


We are all here to make them.

We are all here to preserve them.

And still, its hard to keep track of all good/bad incidents in our lives.

For a certain-some-time, you feel “Yes, I will remember this for the rest of my life”. And 3 years hence, its hard to recollect the events of the same day.

THAT is the beauty of our mind. It follows a FIFO algorithm. We make space for more memories and older ones are pushed behind. FIFO or the First In First Out algorithm is described as

The idea is obvious from the name – the operating system keeps track of all the pages in memory in a queue, with the most recent arrival at the back, and the earliest arrival in front. When a page needs to be replaced, the page at the front of the queue (the oldest page) is selected.

For the same purpose, I keep this blog. So that my memories are not lost in page replacement algorithm of my “genius” mind 😉

my memories

This picture alone reminds me of a million memories I made in the December of 2011. And the best thing, the pic din’t need any sort of editing.


15 thoughts on “Certain memories are etched in your mind. Aren’t they?

  1. I have been thinking of all the memories I have with my little brother. I lost him last year, only 7 months ago, and I’m so afraid that I’m going to forget any of our memories, and this freaks me out! I find myself wanting to write down everything my brother and I did together, but then I also tell myself that I could never forget any moment with him. He was my very best friend. I liked your post today.. Thank you for sharing! ~ Jen

    • Hi Jen,
      I am so sorry for your loss. And I agree you would not forget the times you spent with your loving brother. but only the pain of losing him will reduce with time..
      my warm hug to you!!

      • Awe.. Thank you so much! Your kindness is appreciated! Yes, words cannot even describe how much I miss him, and how much it hurts.. and I’m a writer, so it’s frustrating sometimes that I can’t explain it. Thank you for sharing and for the comment! Hugs back to you too! ~ Jen

  2. Great reminder to remember. I can think of many times I’ve said I never want to forget this moment…how I feel right now. Seeing my baby twins for the first time. The first kiss I shared with my now husband. Going to the East Coast to watch my son graduate with a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins with my daughter and 3-year old grandson. You are right time and distance make room for new memories. But, I love the old ones, too.

    Love your writing, photos, and wise thoughts. Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog. I might never have found you, otherwise.

  3. I am certain I have many memories that I am unable to recall, but sometimes it seems as if I remember everything and for this reason I get frustrated. When I want to be left alone – isolated from these memories, they will not relent. It’s as if they keep coming at me harder and harder. I have known many people in my life who have a selective memory, or so it seems. I envy them sometimes, but on the flip side of the coin, I am relieved that I can remember things that they have lost. But on the other hand…….

    Thank you for ‘like’ – I have enjoyed reading your words and look forward to reading more!

  4. The FIFO algorithm is the only one available be cause the brain exists for a single function; maintaining the body at a state nearest to maximum efficiency as possible. The brain is concerned with only its body NOW. Memory does function for the brain for future reference; “x” is food, good, bad, danger, etc.. AKA, judgments, and will become ingrained as instinct. Throw our souls (create & experience) into this machine (analyze & maintain) and you have a walking contradiction. “Discard experience as unnecessary.” “No wait, I want that.” That’s why the oldest memories we are able to keep are ones with the most significant emotional experience. The soul (create & experience) latches onto those, and the brain cannot discard them easily.
    Great subject, my friend. I love a post that invites the reader to dig just a little deeper if they wish. Memory is a subject that should be taught; “How to surf one’s memory 101.” What would we learn about ourselves, as individuals? As a species? As spiritual beings? How far back could we go? The world would be a much different place if we were even a little skilled in this, I imagine.
    Thanks for coming and checking out my site. I’ll be seeing you again here. Come ’round anytime.

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