New found love for PUPPIES

Well……to be honest, more than the new found love, its the new found courage to hold the puppies 😉


Love as always there- only for puppies- since they’re cute and don’t have big teeth. And- in my belief- mood swings which make them bite an arbit person 😀

IMG_1497 puppy

Thanks to my maternal aunt and her unwavering faith in souls inside all animals- I picked up a puppy and played with it till I overcame my fear.

cute puppy

Not only that, my entire dog-loving-maniac family then fed the puppies and let them poop around in our garden 😀 Positive aspect being the fresh manure for our roses and papaya plants!!!

pup IMG_1503

pup puppy

I sincerely hope, they don’t bite me when they grow up 😀

But anyways, my new found love has left me smitten. These cute babies follow me till the bus stand and auto rickshaw stand. Even when I come out on terrace and balcony, they come running to the door.

Dogs (puppies) are good friends INDEED….

27 thoughts on “New found love for PUPPIES

  1. Dogs and puppies are amazing. And just so you know they do not arbritarely bite people. Dogs work on energy and they notice changes in enery. For example, a person who is afraid of dogs sees someone walking a dog–now the dog is nice and quite and minding it’s own business, now the person who is afraid just freezes in their tracks. The dog now notices something is different, the energy has shifted. The dog sees you and realizes your energy is not like everybody else’s. The dog starts barking. This is why people who are afraid of dogs usually get bitten. What the dog notices is a change in energy. The dog does not know that you are afraid of him. All he is knows is that you are different from everybody else who is calm. You have now become a threat to the dog because you are acting differently–your energy is different. I know this because I have watched my dog do this on walks. The people who are not afraid and just walk on by she ignores…but the ones that are afraid—-that stop in thier tracks or scream–seriously and I have her on a leash—-you those are the ones she barks at. I try and explain to people the dynamics of dog energy—some listen and some don’t. The ones that don’t listen and just keep getting more freaked out–well guess what that’s when my dog barks even louder. You see she is protecting her mommy from the threat of the person with the crazy energy.

    I hope that explains doggie dynamics to you.

    Also don’t tease or hurt dogs—that will get you bitten as well.


  2. What a cutie pie… He won’t bite, but since he’s a baby, he might chew on stuff while he’s teething… so watch out for your shoes. 😀

  3. awwwww … pups are so innocent! When I first saw Damien (my gsd)… oh my, I fell in love with him and I knew he is my dog. His eyes were overflowing with love and innocence. As the saying goes…gaay kee tarah seedha (innocent like a cow)… Once he started to grow up, I realized what a devil I bought home and thus the name Damien, aka Devil’s son! True for his name. pss…my profile pic is Damien’s pic. Between the two of us, he is more photogenic 😀

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