Velankanni Church of Virgin Mary

On a warm summer morning of Tamil Nadu, a group of young girls decided to visit a church nearby.

Map was arranged. Calls were made. Cab was hired.

Since it was only 3 years later I started penning down this trip – blame my poor memory- I used excerpts from Richard Clarke’s Blog to introduce Velankanni Church.

“Our Lady of Velankanni (alternately spelled Vailankanni) Church, called “The Lourdes of the East” and also “Our Lady of Good Health.” It carries these names because of three miracles that happened associated with the Mother Mary. It was built in the late 16th century. Later, modifications were made by the Portuguese.

Velankanni Church is a colossal structure, built in the Gothic style of architecture.

Velankanni receives many visitors. The largest crowd is up to 500,000 on September 8 of each year, for the nativity of the Virgin Mary.

The local tradition talks of the apparitions of Virgin Mary at Velankanni, at least three times. It is seen as a place of healing, and attracts many thousands of visitors, mainly Indians.”

Since our day began early, and hostel mess food was pathetic, we stopped to eat roadside.

vellankani 6 vellankani 7

Well what we ate wasn’t top class food, but it was better than what we left behind in hostel.

Soon enough we reached the beautiful church.

vellankani 12

Parts of it was getting renovated.

vellankani 13

We took the entrance from the left…..

vellankani 15

If you stand on this church, you see 3 churches – one on your left, one on your right, and one straight ahead.

vellankani 16 vellankani 17 vellankani 18

A peaceful place to worship.

vellankani 1  vellankani 9

And a special area designated to sell franchised products of Velankanni Church.

vellankani 20

Oh, and one of the 3 churches I mentioned about – the one straight opposite – many people come here and go to that church crawling or barefoot. It is a belief if you pray for something – this is the hardship you need to get through.

vellankani 19

vellankani 10

We spotted a woman going there- on her knees. There is a tree inside the church; childless women tie a handkerchief in the shape of a pram here. Apparently they get blessed with children after that.

vellankani 22

Not sure about the myths and beliefs related with the churches, but it was a beautiful architectural site too.

vellankani 21

Some Links :

Velankanni Town – Wikipedia

Velankanni Church Website

I.Love.India Website talks about the church.

31 thoughts on “Velankanni Church of Virgin Mary

  1. Very impressive. But a faith based on works is still a faith based on works. Despite the soaring steeples and the pleasant surroundings, how is making pram-shaped handkerchieves or crawling on one’s knees any different than giving food to appease an idol? …But then, I’m from a Protestant tradition, growing in faith in Jesus Christ. Please forgive me, if possible, if I offend.

    • It does not offend me Jonathan. Each one has the right to follow his/her own convictions. I myself don’t indulge in appeasing God with any ‘earthly’ things nor do I support these.
      But there are all sorts of people in the world…

  2. Even I visited this church roughly 3-4 years back. It was a beautiful experience. It was nice to remember about it after reading your post.

  3. It’s so pristine! So white and pretty…I’ve seen lots of old architecture, but never so painted…or maybe it’s the stone from which it’s made. Is this the church that has the statue of the crying Mary? I think that’s supposed to be in Lourdes, but I could so easily be wrong. Fabulous pictures; great contrast of white and blues…

    • I don’t think it has the statue of crying Mary. Or probably I din’t see it. (I ain’t 100% sure but mostly, its not the one)
      And the whites and blues reminds me time and again what a pure and divine place it is.

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