time for “New year Resolution”


We all make New Year Resolutions.

And we all have broken one or all our resolutions. C’mon one can’t be so strict also. Loosening one’s self leash is okay 😉

So here is a list of my past year’s new year resolutions – which I successfully implemented and plan to continue doing so. (Three cheers for self) 😀

* no shop-lifting

* no lying on the face

* eat healthy – put on weight

* say NO to aerated drinks

* no begging-borrowing-stealing : maintain accounts

* call relatives at regular intervals

* lesser *lc*h*l 

So now, the turn for this years’ resolutions. Here we go

* implement the vows taken on Bday

* shop lesser

* say less negative things/think positive

* pray more often

* wake up early 

* work out once in a while (enough with putting on weight)

With that – I pray for a peaceful and blissful 2013 which brings harmony, success and wisdom in all our lives.


Have a good day y’all.

*An update from 2015*

  • implement the vows taken on Bday I don’t remember what it was i vowed on bday :/
  • shop lesser no woman sane would add that to a resolution. 
  • say less negative things/think positive To a certain extent yes! I think more positive. 🙂
  • pray more often Have given up on this one I guess.
  • wake up early Done 🙂
  • work out once in a while There there!

Plus, I am still keeping the resolutions from way back in 2011 and 2012 🙂

4 thoughts on “time for “New year Resolution”

  1. AU CONTRAIRE..or words to that effect! You start from wherever you are and climb up from there, with precisely the positive attitude you’ve adopted. Being down in the dumps and dumping on yourself is no fun…something this poet (me) has taken most of his lifetime learning to counter and fight against! YOU GO GIRL!!!! (Or words to that effect!) Thank you for visiting me at BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD, and for LIKING SOMETHING! You are now one of my favorite people (below my God and my wife, of course)! Peace–Jonathan Caswell

    • Hi Jonathan,
      I am so glad you could drop by. And even more that WP got me to your blog. Poetry has always inspired me in multitude ways. And recently my inclination is towards spirituality too.
      So I look forward to read your posts and visiting your blog. Wish you and your family a Happy 2013.

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