Beauty- an over rated virtue!!


Beauty is the most over-rated virtue for us humans!

To be frank, I have seen (and heard about) marriages break up, relationships not working out, lots of bullying and harassing, just because someone is not good looking.

Nobody wants to be branded as racist; but they’ll mind if their to-be-son-be-law is not tall enough or daughter-in-law has a protruding jaw line. Worst of all, not many people accept handicapped people in the society.

Outer beauty can be modified with herbal products or cosmetics or surgery, but to what extent? I have seen talented people never able to come out of the closet because they think they’re not good enough to showcase themselves, or because they think they won’t look good in the spot-light. It’s hard to be the one left out to be asked for a home-coming dance or ignored in a group of people partying!


In my opinion, it’s just the matter of a few years and a game of certain hormones that we don’t “like” ourselves. But once we learn to love ourselves just the way we are it’s a beautiful thing in itself! We don’t need to please someone else to be happy.

Yes indeed I use all these beauty products myself, I apply a body lotion so that my skin is not dry, I use a lip balm so that my lips don’t chip off, I use a hair-oil, shampoo and conditioner because I don’t want dirt or lice nesting in my hair! I do all this FOR ME, my personal gain, NOT to show someone that I have a closet full of branded cosmetics and I CAN very well afford them.

to be beautiful

One day we all have to grow old, one day we all will have a receding hair line, one day we all will have a wrinkled face. What matters is how we deal with it.

Nothing can give us that joy – just smiling at ourselves looking in the mirror – knowing that we’re happy!

being beautiful.. being_beautiful


Some superb quotes on being beautiful : Source – Google Images

being beautifulbeautiful beautiful unique - beautiful



11 thoughts on “Beauty- an over rated virtue!!

  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, with many choosing to focus on particular elements they deem to be beauty.
    To me, true beauty does come from within and is shown on the outside…it’s the beauty of a good character/nature which is shown in how an individual interacts with others.
    I also believe everyone has their own God given natural physical beauty…
    As I said…all in the eye of the beholder. 😉

  2. There have been so many times I have come across a really good-looking woman or man and thought oh! wow and then as soon he/she opened his mouth my wonder went phuss…. Very apt write-up this one. Once again you have brought up yet another important issue in our society – the obsession with beauty. But sakshi after seeing people’s obsession with their own bodies in other parts of the world I have realised that maybe we are a bit better off in india.

  3. beauty is the most deceptive attribute created by nature…It always has been there to test human and his intentions.
    You have written it beautifully…Nice concept supported by fab. quotes…

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