Gave up religion – became spiritual

Born and bought up in India – a country with as many religions as you can count! And the best part – you can follow ANY!

For years I have been a devoted Hindu, followed the N-number of deities, visited XYZ number of temples. And I have read the BIBLE and the QURAN! (thanks to my beautiful friends *i**i*a and *a*i*a who gifted me an insight to Christianity and Islam). I have been to a church, a mosque and a gurudwara and felt equally peaceful thereafter.


I respect all the religions, and in all the dissimilarity they all are just the same. All talk about a divine power, a faith, a check on one’s karma. No religion compels people into riots, no religion forces one to keep hatred for another.

I follow spirituality. 


I believe in ONE divine power. I keep faith in my karma. I feel only good things happens with good people. Yes, there are tough phases, but there is always a silver lining.

I feel loved. I feel positive. I feel blessed.

my spirituality Religion vs Spirituality

Some links :

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Disclaimer :

Absolutely NO intention to offend anyone!

22 thoughts on “Gave up religion – became spiritual

  1. Religion is a form or duty and we all adhere to whatever duty we determine. Some may not adhere to the main religious circles, but even an atheist has a religion. I recently talked to some they are quite dutiful. They try to convince others of the importance of recognizing that there is no God. They have facts they always use and things they always point to.

    Spiritualist have their own religious order too. They are determined not to be associated with any specific religious order. Yet they have a duty and rituals that will categorize them, though they may minimize them so as not to seem overly religious.

    Now that’s not to at all bash your post, I just want you to realize in the truest since of the word we all have a religion to which we adhere to because of what we believe.

    And we are all spiritual beings this is true; we are both physical and spiritual beings at the same time. The critical importance being on our spiritual side for that is the part of us which will spend eternity somewhere.

    A lot of religious people, are simply trying to avoid hell by going to church, paying their tithes, being good “:moral” people as much as they are able, but don’t discount pure religion. Don’t discount salvation, don’t discount deliverance. Read about it on my newest blog:

    • hmnn…Darius, thre is a difference to being spiritual and to be relilgious. By reltion we can surmise that what i think the author meant was to be subcribing to a set of morals and rules and regulations as set forth by some diety or a messenger of that diety. And while a spiritual may have rituals that might look like religion it would be a personal set of proscriptions which reflects the beliefs of that indivdual. As a spiritual person I do not ascribe to any set religious order. I navigate my own moral compass–I do not need some “other” to tell me what to do. That is not to say I do not learn from many of the great prophets and avatars–but I don’t do anything because I am going to hell or sin—I do good for the sake of good—-and there in lies the big difference.

      • So true!
        The only difference in being religious and being spiritual is – In one you do good deeds cuz of fear of an entity like Christ, Allah and Ram. In other you do good deeds cuz of your own self, inner peace and your own karma.
        You don’t fear that a particular God will be upset with you if you do a wrong thing. You just want your conscious clean, your conscience makes you do a good thing not a fear of someone.

      • Nope. Having faith in one divine power and self.
        You don’t become your own God and worship yourself, but have faith in your actions and deeds, not some God you have not seen. You control your fate by your karma, not by worshiping someone.

      • so this is more spiritual and less religious? I guess it is less orthodox. There is much I have to say about this subject, but I don’t want to rush into it at this point. Whatever I do say remember my first two comments on your blog and realize I will say what I say out of love not trying to strive or prove a point.

  2. This is a wonderful post. I have been leaning more and more toward spirituality of late as it seems to be the answer to what is wrong with conventional religions. We are all on the same path in this world and will all leave it in the same way no matter what we choose to believe. Our spirits were here before us and will live on after our mortal bodies have passed. I find a great deal of comfort in this. Thanks again.

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  5. Neat. I wonder what you could seek in religion if it’s equal in a church, mosque, and gurudwara. Where I live, I’d be a bit scared to go to a mosque, and confused to be in a gurudwara (I appreciate your links with unfamiliar terms like that). “In all the dissimilarity they all are just the same…a check on one’s karma.” From your description, spirituality sounds quite pleasing.

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