Life b4 social networking

I worry.

At times, I worry a lot.

Most of the times, there is no solid reason to my worries.

Just the other day I was worrying, my kids will never know how life was without social networking!

So here is this post, for my future teenage son and daughter, how life used to be when I was a teenager.

  • We had real friends, and we used to “ hang out” by cycling or playing in garden or gathering at someone’s place for a game of carom/ludo/snakes and ladder.
  • Twitter was just the sound of birds!
  • To share photographs of someone’s marriage or function or birthday, we used to click the photo with a camera -> get them printed -> arrange them in photo albums -> show to others when there happens another family gathering! Not as simple as click -> tag -> share.
  • One was popular after an achievement in athletics or academics. Not getting nominated for an online contest started by a bunch of people. Or worse: best dressed, best smile, best hair competitions for people to feel better about themselves!
  • Sending a mail to someone was a BIG deal. School curriculum taught us how to draft an e-mail and for many years we stuck to that code.
  • One e-mail id was enough for one family. Later on (after a few more years) every application/forum/form required an alternate email id.
  • Blogging did not exist till late 1990s and till 2009 it was limited to only a small group of people.
  • Dating was generally face-to-face, not online.
  • Bosses were treated as bosses and Subordinates were treated as subordinates  They met socially only on special occasions and family gatherings, not every day over internet after work hours!
  • “Time pass” included reading newspapers (not e-newspapers), listening to radio, reading novels (not e-books), gardening etc. Ladies occasionally got together for buying vegetables or sharing recipes while their kids played. Men talked about politics or soccer games by actually physically sitting with other men.
  • Acronyms and abbreviations were logical – nt abt nythin v cn mak wid a propr wrd.
  • Long distance was tough! Colorful postcards, letters in envelopes and stamps of different countries/states were the trend.

There was no FB, no Twitter, no Gmail-YahooMail-Hotmail-RediffMail, No WordPress, No Instagram, No Tumblr, No Skype.

Basically, things were more REAL !!!

28 thoughts on “Life b4 social networking

    • Reality can’t be explained unless it is compared with Imaginary.. Video games aren’t healthy for kids, cuz grown ups know a 10 yr old CANNOT kill some terrorists or kick goals like Ronaldo. Friends are real if you can really physically cry on their shoulder or pat them on their back, not by writing once a yr on their FB wall “happy bday!!”

      Dreams are bridges between imaginary and real 🙂

  1. True… I have enough trouble just trying to keep up with my WordPress… FB has fallen by the wayside, but then I only had it basically for the art and family connections… You are right though…. there is a real problem with kids understanding Reality vs Fantasy…. Good blog!

  2. Hi Sakshi.You really brought back the good old times. I really miss those days when networking meant actually getting together and having a more meaningful time. I don’t really regret the advent of technology in our lives but then, I wish we stay more in the real world than in the virtual world.

  3. There were no smileys… 🙂
    It was hard to show someone you were sad… cause 😦 wasn’t around… he, he

    which year were you born?

    (people didn’t have a chance to ask personal questions like that, but do answer if you can)

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