Why I need 21 pairs of Footwear

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People say women take a lot of time to get ready.

I feel I am an exception 😉 I kinda have everything sorted out (blame my OCD for being meticulously organised)

types of footwear for women  types of footwear for women

These are some basic/essential footwear and here is why I need my 21 pairs of footwear –

  1. Colorful flip-flops to go to market
  2. Blue-green floaters to go on a walk
  3. Black pumps to go out with office people
  4. Black heels to go out with friends
  5. Black bellies for a casual shopping experience
  6. Black flats for the days when I have to go out but my feet say NO to heels
  7. White peep toes for dresses with which black footwear can’t be worn
  8. Maroon zigzag strapped flats for funky outfits
  9. Red strappy flats for comfortable shopping/night outs
  10. Grey and light grey striped shoes for walks in the winter
  11. Blue and green canvas cuz I can afford them
  12. Black and red shoes for solid work-outs/jogs/gym
  13. White shoes to wear with my white shorts
  14. Black flats to go with my eastern wear
  15. Black casual boots for winters
  16. Black leather ankle boots for anytime-boot-time
  17. Silver zigzagged flats for the dresses which don’t look good with any other colored slippers
  18. White studded flats for my eastern wear
  19. Black shoes for office
  20. Brown bathroom slippers
  21. White fur slippers for home

After due thought, I have excluded my ex-footwear, which now belong either to dumpsters or orphans or my cleaner or kids of my cleaner 😉

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