the REAL woman!

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I have seen many jokes, newspapers and critics ranting about how tough is it to understand women! In my opinion, this mentality is because of the bad publicity women have gained over the years, Thanks to silver screen! Most stories evolve around numerous break-ups, link-ups, exaggerated family issues, extravagant life style and exuberant spending on oneself.

In a random order, here are the major points where a Real Woman differs from those predicted in T.V. series or movies

Don’t wear heels 24X7

Have dignity

Don’t indulge in meaningless shopping

Have household chores

Don’t have the time to gossip about men 12 hours in a day

Have responsibility

Don’t always maintain a perfect figure

Have a bad-hair day

Don’t have patience or will to plot games against their enemies

Care about their friends and keep them for a lifetime

Don’t have real-actual-enemies

Read magazines to know about the latest happenings

Don’t hang out with their ex’s and behave as if nothing ever happened

Do read newspaper too

Don’t play games with men as if they’re emotionless toys

Indulge in creative activities

Don’t spent $500 on a pair of shoes

Do know about gadgets

Don’t look picture-perfect all the time

Know how to maintain decorum

Don’t wear make-up all day all night long

Are very intuitive

Don’t look so stunning after they wake up in the morning

Do know how to make sensible arguments

Don’t behave like teenagers in their 40’s

I have to say, a point here and there will vary for most women, but in general these difference increase the gap of fiction and reality.

If only certain realistic T.V shows come up who try to minimize this ever growing gap! *sigh*

5 thoughts on “the REAL woman!

  1. God! Was waiting for this from soo longgggggggggg!!! Great work!
    These stupid theories make the living life sound like a drama which it isnt…its even more complicated… 😦 sigh! sigh!
    Dont know when people will wake up…
    stop being spoon fed babies! grow up!

  2. The images that are put out about “women” on the silver screen, and most media in general, have damaged not only women’s self-image but have brainwashed men as well to expect very superficial things in a relationship with women. Yes, it is time to wake up, humanity! Bright, intelligent, healthy, responsible women and men together must say “No!” to this nonsense. Thank you for your article!

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