Voice from the audience – expressing love for architecture

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Even when I pass by a magnificent building, admiring it all the way, there is a very bleak chance I’ll ever go back home and Google the name of its architect. Even if I do, it’s quite a possibility I’ll forget it after a while. With intense competition (with peers and themselves) to create a masterpiece in each building, architects have become almost like a nameless blessing to mankind – except a few geniuses, Duh!

I jotted down in a jiffy, why I LOVE architecture – the study of it, the making of it, everything 🙂

  • Its creative, there is no limitation to what you can imagine!
  • So much scope, So many opportunities! …….Every office needs a building right? 😛
  • Not everyone can make it, but everyone can be a critic and praise it 😉
  • It invents future – best technological reforms utilized in modern architecture!
  • It constantly keeps in touch with past – So many archaeological sites, caves, places of worship, cities, town halls become inspirations
  • Minute changes make such big difference! Example – lighting a place and adding lots of small lights to create a better effect 😉

Okay, so neither am I an architect, nor a critic. I am just a voice from the audience who loves walking in the streets with their head up high because they love to see the buildings around 🙂

# Hats off to those whose ideas come alive and people around the world come to see their creation!

*Wish I could be an architect*