Roadways VS Railways

After knowing me so well, now I can confidently say that my first experience at things/events isn’t good – EVER!

As a kid, my parents never allowed me to travel alone till it became an absolute necessity!

And even till this age, I get the same repeated sessions of DO’s and DON’Ts to be followed while I am travelling alone. Not that my folks are scared that I’ll get talking to strangers and become friendly with them, but more about my health and doing things on time (“in time” according to them)!

After my first journey in the Indian Railways, I realized why my parents preferred roadways to railways. Here are a few of them enlisted –

1. You won’t need to book/buy your tickets months in advance for a road journey.

2. You can manage to get late for a road journey. You can hop on to the next bus and its super convenient if you own a car. The train may get delayed on its own, but in case it’s on time – it won’t wait for you!

3. Breakdowns. A bus may be replaced, trains are generally cancelled.

4. In case of fog, or bad weather, buses will still comply to deliver passengers to their destinations – generally taking a little longer the usual time; railways take no such guarantee.

5. Mishaps. Accident possibility in railway journey might not outnumber the one by roadways. But extent of disaster is worse.

6. Roadside dhabbas don’t serve you chai made in sewer water and food out of God-knows-What ingredients. Eating from railways’ food department is a sure shot invitation to Food Poisoning.

7. It’s tough to change your seat or exchange it with fellow train passengers.

8. The fear of losing your luggage in trains is higher! 😐

Although my train journeys in the past have been pretty eventful, but most of them ended at my destination SAFELY.

I have now made a clear-cut choice to pick roadways whenever possible, and railways are preferred only for the sole reason of SPEED-DISTANCE-TIME ratio.

12 thoughts on “Roadways VS Railways

  1. Its true that bus journey is convenient, but I think train gets you faster to your destination than bus (if the train is on time!), especially if you travelling in the day time. N I never felt it difficult exchanging seats in train , its as easy as in bus.

    As a kid, my parents never allowed me to travel alone till it became an absolute necessity!— Same story here. Cudn’t go anywhere without sumone or the other accompanying. I was not even allowed to go to my friends houses , God, that was horrible.

    • True true!
      But if I have enough buffer time, I would chose comfort and travel by car/cab and start-reach early!
      And boy, exchanging seats has not been my cup of tea in train! I have been luckier in buses!

    • I agree with point 2.
      I have always travelled in 1st/2nd/3rd AC coach, so cheaper fare may be a point for someone who travels hanging/sitting on the floor in General Coach!
      I see ‘means of transport’ as it is, not a way of socializing or meeting with people/ interacting with culture! For that I had the best one of the best Institute of India 😉

      And I partially agree to the last point. It is a life/livelihood for people who work in the trains/stations! Or the ones who meet their lovers/spouses on a train journey! I am more of a cuddled-with-a-book-looking-outside-window train traveller! So these are my opinions! But to each its own 🙂 glad you wrote so extensively on the creative culture called the Locals.

      • First of all, I respect your opinions… And I realise why you have such opinions (“I have always travelled in 1st/2nd/3rd AC coach”).

        The only thing I would like to say is trains are a life to millions who do not work in railways. It occupies a nostalgic place in hearts of many daily passengers They may be low earning salesmen to a highly paid and respected scientists (I am currently studying in a college where I have seen professors travelling daily).

        Also I would say that certain aspects of culture can only be understood if you come and mingle with them in their world. 🙂

      • Sure Arindam! Certain aspects can be understood only when one mingles, but I guess I have a phobia of that 😉
        And yes, biggest advantage of trains, according to me, is reduction in the pressure/stress on individual automobiles, traffic, petrol/diesel and environment. All these four industries would exhaust their resources and funds if they have to serve to all those who opt to travel by train!

        If I just start to imagine, if there were no trains
        1. So many many individual vehicles would be bought -> traffic & pollution
        2. Traffic on the roads -> it is already insane, imagine then!!
        3. I think people will start robbing others for petrol/diesel. Such high prices and if such high demand, our resources would exhaust in 5 years!
        4. Pollution check/control department will be going nuts!

        So I am glad railways exist and strive so successfully in India 🙂

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