Why the boundaries? *voice of my James Sully Avatar*

Lazing on the beach sands and watching Qatar Grand Prix, this caption came in my head which provoked many thoughts about “boundaries”, which in turn made me feel like Jake Sully (played by  Sam Worthington) of AVATAR.

This is how :

Step 1

Watching the Grand Prix. Observing the route of the motor boats. Notices the so-called-temporary-boundary formed for the contestants.

Step 2

The phrase “boundaries in water” pops up in head and is stuck. I start thinking!

Step 3

I wonder why humans make boundaries in water. Land is divided, isn’t it enough already? Is partition of sky next?

Step 4

The horrible incidents of the middle-east lately (in Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Iraq and Afghanistan) creep into my head. I start to think, why people fight, why do wars happen, why can’t we stop them.

Step 5

I reach the conclusion. Humans are so greedy, I hate them! *feels like James Sully of today’s real world*

Step 6

Loud applause. Reality kicks in 😀

Somebody has won the race! I finish munching on my potato chips! 

  # THE END to my James Sully Avatar 😉


13 thoughts on “Why the boundaries? *voice of my James Sully Avatar*

  1. Your gift for developing a simple, and for most, fleeting idea, into a massively over thought, yet insightful, humorous, and notably entertaining. Thank you, and so long as you continue to deliver such gems; I will continue to read and enjoy them.

  2. It helps to remember that not all people are bad. It’s just a shame that the ones who shout the loudest are the ones most often heard, and the ones with the least constructive things to say.

  3. Step 4: Rewind back to the novel called “Lord of the Flies”. The question is, ‘Is man born eveil or we develop evil tendencies as we grow, because of the environement we live in? Really that is a vexing question but I am persuaded to think that even if we were born evil, we can still structure and influence our environment such that those evil tendencies are suppresed for ever. The world needs people like you, people who are able to think about and question things. The world needs a strong coalition of force from across all the continents denouncing war. People need to be taught tolerance, our school curriculum must include subjects on tolerance, anger management, respect, humility, etc

  4. Great post my friend.

    I take it you’ve seen (Avatar). The most unforgettable movie of all time.

    James Cameron is brilliant!

    Did you know he is working on (Avatar 2, and 3?

    I see you stopped by my page. Feel free to join in on some conversations on my new post.

    ~Charlie Z

    • Hi Charlie,
      Firstly, Loved your blog’s theme!!
      Very unique and catchy!

      And James Cameron is indeed brilliant! Have seen Avatar more than 3-4 times, never get enough of such movies! And Titanic was EPIC..!

      Would love to converse more!

      • Wonderful insights you have.

        I will be posting more blogs every Monday.

        You make the world a better place.


      • Flattering is most commonly known to your human planet as gracious, and talented.

        Peace my earthling friend.

        ~Charlie Z

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