Erasing the dots..

Don’t we hate it, when we can’t get to wash away a stained table-cloth? Or bed sheet or favorite party-wear? We give up at times; but if it’s a special one, we don’t give up easily, do we?

Then why not do the same for our inner self? We all get our spirit broken and scarred. We all come across people who cheat or hurt or humiliate us. We keep those people-those memories in our minds and hearts. 

See the irony, washing the stains off our dress is more important than cleansing our soul.

But we owe it to ourselves, to forgive-and-forget and have the passion to keep our lives free of negative energy. There is so much love to be shared, then why give even the tiny bit of importance to negativity.

I made a deal with myself. Once in a while, I think of one person who hurt me. And tell myself “I forgive him/her. I no longer want to keep the memories of that pain.” 

I have faith that with such baby steps, forgiving one person at a time, I can heal my souls and cherish only the good memories.

What do you do to heal your heart? 

10 thoughts on “Erasing the dots..

  1. Hi Sakshi!

    The reason I chose this post was the its title. I was curious to know what you meant by erasing the dots. You literally did justice to the old saying- “good to forgive,best to forget”. I agree to the fact that life becomes much easier when we choose to bid farewell to the painful thoughts and welcome the happier ones with arms wide open.Your thoughts are indeed insightful and thanks for sharing them.


    • Hi Sayori,
      Wise men are generally unheard..! But if we relate their sayings with our own day-to-day lives and then see their perspective, it all becomes so clear! No wonder they’re wiser than us!
      Glad you enjoyed reading!

  2. Thanks for this thoughts. I try to think that “what can I learn from this?” But sometimes it hurts too much… But I will suffer if I do not forgive. Maybe not the other person…
    Thanks for liking my post!

    • The act of forgiving, and the healing will benefit only you!
      Think about it..You owe it to you at times!


    • Yes, one should have a big heart, to spread love around!
      and the best part, it makes one’s one living better!

  3. Being able to let go is a great gift. Great post!
    When I need to heal my heart I write, short stories mostly. That has always been my escape.

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