Reach out..


While I was in Qatar :

An Arabic woman, clad in black, appears to reach out to the sky.

In an Arab nation like Qatar, women up-heaved to grow in plethora of dimensions, and yet are strongly rooted to their culture, which they cherish tremendously.

This picture is an epitome of growth of a woman in Qatar while a unison of sand, sea and sky watches her.


See Google Map  for location


2 thoughts on “Reach out..

  1. Thanks for “liking” Westview Women of the Word (Growing Toward the Light)! I’ve been exploring all of your blogs and enjoying them. Keep writing, inspiring us, and giving us something to think about.

    • Thanks you for your warm words Phyllis,
      your blog is amazing,
      the warmth and calm it spreads is wonderful!

      Keep writing,
      have a blessed day!

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